Does Jrue Holiday Wife Have Cancer? Jrue Holiday: The Basketball Star!

by Moore Martin

Does Jrue Holiday Wife Have Cance

In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Jrue Holiday, a prominent NBA player, and explore the health challenges faced by his wife, Lauren Holiday. With a focus on providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their journey, we’ll cover their personal and professional lives, Lauren’s battle with cancer, and some frequently asked questions about the couple.


Jrue Holiday is not just a basketball sensation; he’s also known for his unwavering support for his wife, Lauren Holiday. Let’s begin by addressing the question that brought us here: Does Jrue Holiday’s wife have cancer?

Lauren Holiday’s Battle with Cancer

Yes, Lauren Holiday, Jrue’s wife, faced a daunting health challenge. In 2016, she received a life-altering diagnosis: meningioma, a type of brain tumor. This diagnosis came while she was pregnant with their child, making it an even more challenging ordeal.

Lauren’s strength and resilience shone through as she underwent surgery to remove the tumor shortly after giving birth. Jrue, recognizing the importance of being there for his wife during her recovery, took a break from his basketball career to support her. Their journey through this difficult time not only strengthened their bond as a couple but also inspired many.

Jrue Holiday: The Basketball Star

Now that we’ve covered the challenging part of their journey, let’s shift our focus to Jrue Holiday’s impressive basketball career.

Early Life

Jrue Holiday’s basketball journey began with an outstanding high school career at Campbell Hall School in Los Angeles. In his senior year, he showcased his skills, averaging 25.9 points, 11.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists, and 4.8 steals per game. His exceptional performance earned him recognition as one of the top prospects in the Class of 2008. After high school, he made the decision to play college basketball at UCLA for one season before declaring for the NBA draft.

Professional Career

In the 2009 NBA draft, Jrue Holiday was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers as the 17th overall pick. During his time with the 76ers, he achieved significant milestones, including becoming an NBA All-Star in 2013.

Later, he continued his career with the New Orleans Pelicans, where he showcased his skills despite facing injuries and health challenges. However, his most memorable moment came in 2021 when he was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks and played a pivotal role in their NBA championship victory. Jrue is renowned for his strong defensive skills, leadership on the court, and his ability to contribute as both a scorer and playmaker.

Jrue Holiday’s Personal Life

Beyond the basketball court, Jrue Holiday’s personal life is equally intriguing. He hails from a family deeply rooted in basketball, with both of his brothers, Justin and Aaron, also making their mark in the NBA. Jrue’s heart belongs to Lauren Cheney, a former United States women’s national soccer team midfielder.

Their love story began at a UCLA women’s basketball game, where their paths crossed. They later embarked on a journey of giving back to the community by hosting basketball and soccer clinics together. Their relationship faced a significant challenge when Lauren was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, shortly after giving birth to their daughter, J.T. However, their love and support for each other saw them through the tough times. In late 2020, they welcomed their second child, a son named Hendrix. Jrue Holiday is also known for his deep-rooted Christian faith, which has played an integral role in his life.

Jrue Holiday’s Net Worth

Jrue Holiday’s success on the basketball court has translated into financial success as well. His estimated net worth stands at around $32 million, with a monthly salary of approximately $0.2 million, contributing to a yearly income exceeding $3 million. These numbers reflect his remarkable career in the NBA, where he has achieved numerous milestones and earned various awards and honors. Holiday’s financial success is a testament to his skills and contributions to the world of professional basketball.

Who is Lauren Holiday?

Lauren Holiday, whose full name is Lauren Cheney Holiday, is a former professional soccer player from the United States. Her achievements in women’s soccer are nothing short of extraordinary.

Name Jrue Holiday
Date of Birth June 12, 1990
Age 33
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Jersey Number No. 4
Team Boston Celtics
Position Point guard / Shooting guard
League NBA
Height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight 205 lb (93 kg)

Soccer Career

Lauren Holiday’s soccer journey included representing the United States in multiple major tournaments. She played pivotal roles in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, 2012 London Summer Olympics, and the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, helping secure prestigious titles for her country.

In addition to her international success, she made significant contributions in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) with FC Kansas City and the Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) league with the Boston Breakers. Her impact in women’s soccer was further recognized through individual awards such as the Golden Boot and league MVP.


1. Did Lauren Holiday recover from cancer?

Yes, Lauren Holiday successfully recovered from her brain tumor surgery and is doing better now.

2. What team does Jrue Holiday currently play for?

Jrue Holiday currently plays for the Boston Celtics in the NBA.

3. How much is Jrue Holiday’s estimated net worth?

Jrue Holiday’s estimated net worth is approximately $32 million.

4. What are Lauren Holiday’s positions in soccer?

Lauren Holiday played as a forward and midfielder during her soccer career.

5. What major tournaments did Lauren Holiday win with the U.S. women’s national soccer team?

Lauren Holiday won two Olympic gold medals and a FIFA Women’s World Cup with the U.S. women’s national soccer team.

In conclusion, Jrue Holiday’s journey from the basketball court to his personal life, intertwined with Lauren’s remarkable soccer career and her battle with cancer, showcases a couple that has faced adversity with courage and resilience. Their story serves as an inspiration to many, and their achievements in their respective fields are nothing short of extraordinary.

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