DOGGY Token How To Buy Doggy Coin?

by Glenn Maxwell

A couple of Days ago, Crypto Punks broke in to the information when 3 pixelated aliens were auctioned for any couple of million dollars. 10,000 of those aliens were procedurally designed, and shortly grew to become a collectors’ trophy because of its Ethereum community.

However, a meme Token without utility, $DOGE or #Dogecoin, because of celebrities like Elon Musk, made an effect at the begining of 2021, climbing from .01 to around .80 during the time of creating that Medium.

That is why you want to Introduce someone to $DOGGY, using the goal to create to Binance Smart Chain the very best of the two worlds pointed out above.

What’s $DOGGY

$DOGGY is the gold coin which may Permit you to swap for Crypto Doggy #NFT. These cute animated doggies are created with a couple of in our featured musicians, along with a gif format. Like Crypto Punks, they’ve been procedurally produced, resulting in 10,000 various kinds of Doggies, using distinct rarity, from commons into uncommons or rare, supplying to many of them more classic cost.

A few of the features that Reveal and offers us a unique value is the Burning Mechanism. This can occur every time a user purchases one of the Doggies #NFT within the doggy store or even the NFT marketplace.

The bottom line is: You’ll have a meme market with burning mechanics, that turns into a unique collectible item with various kinds of rarity, which may be tradable in the NFT market.

Learn more about our Doggies!

produced. Most dogs are unique and animated the following:

Doggies is going to be Cryptographically generated with a number of different characteristics like Dog kinds, colour plan, eye blinking, and tongue elongate or accessories including eyeglasses, scarf & hat.

Each characteristic includes a Certain possibility of occurrence, making some attributes rarer than the others, so creating a couple of dogs quite nearly impossible to find.

The Doggy NFT is going to be Offered at the Doggy Shop (beneath BakerySwap Gamification tab), and may simply be purchased with $Doggy.

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About $DOGGY token and

$DOGGY have a total Way to obtain 5 billion coins, and 4 billion of these is going to be accessible with the IDO in BakerySwap.

The rest of the 1 billion will probably be utilized as initial liquidity, rewards in to the Loaves of bread community, Loaves of bread promoters, along with the Doggy developers & artists focusing on the Crypto Doggy project.

$DOGGY may be used to obtain a Crypto Doggy NFT in the Doggy Shop or NFT market.

Within the Doggy Shop, users can buy an arbitrary NFT Doggy using 500k $DOGGY, which 500k $DOGGY will most likely be burnt .

In the NFT marketplace, users Can buy an NFT doggy from others or market their very own NFT Doggies at whatever cost that they like. The NFT market will simply support $DOGGY payment. For each trade, you will see a 5% commission fee in $DOGGY, and each one of the commission charges is going to be burnt!

· $DOGGY Total Supply: 5 Billion $DOGGY

Cost: 1 BNB = a million $DOGGY

· Single Address Limit: 20 BNB

How to proceed following IDO?

· $DOGGY buying and selling on Loaves of bread AMM exchange

· Get a random NFT Doggy using 500k $DOGGY within the Doggy Shop (in Gamification section)

· List your doggies around the NFT market, or buy those that you want on the market with $DOGGY

· $DOGGY token and Doggy NFT might be staked to farm additional tokens in later activities

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Time Schedule

· May eleventh, by 9:00 AM UTC: $DOGGY buying and selling and liquidity farming

· Around May

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