Effective Drug Testing Tips for HR Teams  

by James Martin

Human Resources (HR) play a vital role in the success of any organization. And this doesn’t come as a surprise since effective recruitment strategies mean the difference in business growth.  One tool that can help find high-performance employees for your company is a drug screening program.

Conducting drug testing for employees helps create a healthy, safe and productive workplace. Before you know it, your business is a force to reckon with the industry.  But how do you create a successful drug screening program without the hassle?  Here are three drug testing tips for HR teams to deal with workplace substance abuse.

  • Determine When and Why to Conduct a Test

There’s no essence of performing workplace drug testing for the sheer sake of it. In most cases, you need to have a reason for getting it done in the first place.  Typically, a drug test can work to your advantage during pre-employment when filling vacant positions in your organization.  You can also decide to conduct random testing on suspected employees.

In short, ensure you know why and when to conduct a test before giving it a try.  Your HR teams don’t have to go overboard to access this information as it narrows down to the needs of your company. Have them do some background research and ensure they have rigid reasons for performing the drug test.

  • Know the Kind of Drug Test to Use

Now that you already know why and when to conduct a test, it is time to settle on the most viable method to use. You want to be sure that you’re paying for the best workplace drug testing kits, and this can only happen if you determine your company’s specific needs.  The most common drug testing methods to leverage include blood, hair, and urine testing.

You can also decide to purchase saliva drug test kits for employers to determine the presence of drugs in the system. Saliva drug tests rely on a mouth swab to identify employees who may be into drug abuse. Be sure to factor in the pros and cons of each drug testing method before settling on one.

  • Update Your Drug Testing Policy

Change at the workplace is inevitable, whether you like it or not.  To avoid falling down the pecking order, make it the norm to monitor and update your company’s drug testing policy as it speaks volumes.  Ensure the new changes blend with the latest rules, laws, and compliance guidance. That way, you won’t find yourself relying on outdated drug testing policies.

The Bottom Line

Substance abuse can quickly escalate and lead to the downfall of your company sooner or later.  Rather than turning a blind eye as this happens, be sure to have a proper workplace drug abuse policy to boost productivity.  Know when and who to test, purchase the best drug testing kit for employers, and update your drug testing policy. The simple changes you take up will work wonders on your bottom line.

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