Enlighten Your Wedding with the Sparkle of Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings  

by James Martin

Your big day, yes your big day is soon to arrive! Marriage is one of the most awaited occasions that need your utmost attention to every detail that forms the larger picture. Be it the regal décor to dreamy outfits, all the arrangements have to be perfected to ensure nothing falls short of being called a royal and memorable love affair. When choosing the right settings for the sweet chiming wedding bells, why spare the most coveted piece of occasion!

Engagement Ring needs your time and precise attention to bring the right shine and glory to the grand occasion. Your ring speaks volumes about your choices and its eternal shine is quite synonymous with your everlasting love. It is important to buy an emerald cut halo diamond ring that suits your personality and gives you ethnic appeal.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Perfect Match for the Day!

Lab grown diamonds are ethical diamonds that are not found but created. Unlike man-made diamonds that involve heavy mining and massive use of labor to drill while scarring mother earth, lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, help in nature restoration. Grown inside a laboratory mimicking the external environment similar to that of natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are carefully supervised and prepared by professionals with the highest level of expertise.

So these eco-friendly diamonds, as we can call them are affordable as compared to natural stones and come in a vast range of incredible designs. Lab-grown diamonds have incredible clarity and compelling spark that can toss your mind when picking your ideal piece.

To adorn your wedding with a beam of timeless spark and glory, here are some fine lab-grown diamonds offering great diamond cuts and designs to make your big day, bigger and brighter:

  • Princess-cut Engagement Rings

This queenly shape of diamonds with slightly elongated edges can be a favourite pick for your day. This stone can be encrusted on shinning white or gold bands or sleek rings for flawless appearances.

  • Emerald-cut Diamonds

This step-cut rectangular-shaped diamond radiates enormous brilliance and confidence. Reflecting bold and high-spirited personality, this shape brings abundant glow and glam to the wearer.

  • Round-shaped Diamonds

A timeless classic, symbolic of eternal love is a great choice for hopeless romantics and people romanticizing life at every stage. This basic yet bold shape has an elegant touch that signifies your love for conventional and old school warmth.

  • Cushion-Cut Diamonds

A cushion-shaped trendy diamond cut is a great pick for people that closely follow the newbies of the diamond world and love chic and trendy diamond designs. This diamond cut has soft square edges with a cushion-like face that appears larger and brighter. Your wedding band must be as exquisite and royal as you are, and cushion-cut diamond engagement rings, bring all that you need!

A Promise of Forever

What makes lab-grown diamonds precious is their promise of eternal shine. How beautiful is this creation that captivates everlasting spark and goes beyond the time to keep what it says- a promise of forever! Your engagement ring is the first knot that binds your love for infinity and that thing should be the best thing to hold and adorn.

New World Diamonds, a lab-grown diamond establishment serves you fine diamonds with outstanding brilliance and great designs. A mammoth collection of diamonds set in sterling silver, gold and platinum that will make it a tough task to select the best piece is what New World Diamonds serve you with. With a fine collection of scintillating lab-grown diamond engagement rings design, New World Diamonds is one of the best places to lab created diamonds rings for wedding. Their gigantic collection of diamond jewelry caters to all your special occasions making them eternal and glamorous as they are.

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