Esports Betting: Why Gamblers Fail?

by Sean Dixon

Gambling has gone through numerous transformations. Apart from traditional sports, it now covers esports as well. This means that fans of video games have a great opportunity to earn money on their hobby.

You can develop your knowledge and skills in order to boost your chances of success. But challenges will be following you all the time. So you should be ready for the most diverse scenarios when betting at

How to Start Esports Betting?

Over the last decade, esports has become the activity that draws the attention of the huge betting community. Many people have decided that they can also take part in domestic and international esports events for different purposes. Do they want to have fun? Do they want to earn money? Or both? Whatever your purpose, you should act carefully. Make sure that you know what you bet on and how much you put at stake.

Esports sites offer the “salary cap” model, in which users pick a roster of players for further gameplay. Esports competitors score fantasy points for users after assessing their performances in competition. The users that end a tournament with the most points win real rewards. As a bettor, you will have plenty of video games to focus on:

  •         Guaranteed tournaments
  •         Head-to-head matches
  •         Winner-take-all tournaments
  •         50-50 tournaments
  •         Double- or triple-up tournaments, where players win 2x or 3x their buy-in
  •         Qualifiers for other tournaments
  •         “Leagues” tournaments with more than two players

Esports tournaments are available across the esports industry. These include the most popular video games, including:

  •         League of Legends
  •         SMITE
  •         Dota 2
  •         Call of Duty
  •         Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
  •         Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Esports betting serves two types of gamblers. The first one includes gamblers who explore the game and the related event in detail. The second one includes gamblers who learn statistics of teams and compare teams’ performance. Both types have their positive and negative aspects. A combination of these methods can optimize the final result.

How to Succeed in Esports Betting?

Just a decade ago video games were a fun routine for adults. Today, it is a serious way to make huge money in a short time. An average online gambler can now succeed in online gambling. However, not every gambler becomes a professional in a day. It takes time and effort. It also takes money to go through ups and downs. The more a person plays, the better understanding of esports comes to him.

International tournaments, regional championships, and season events gather all bettors together. You can be part of this community. Just choose one or several esports events, choose a type of bet, and place a bet. Your decision should be based on thorough research and analysis.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional bettor, you may get some instructions to follow. This way, you will make your life easier. Instead of getting stuck with every obstacle on your way, you will be able to go through the betting process smoothly.

How to Fail in Esports Betting

Many people have a wrong perception of esports betting. They think that they can make a fortune by winning bets one by one. However, this is not really the case.

Esport betting has the element of luck. It reduces your winning potential regardless of your betting experience. Your previous knowledge can help your make accurate predictions, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. Being overly confident won’t do any good. You will ignore valuable information and effective pieces of advice that would make your betting productivity considerably higher.

You shouldn’t ignore the information on how to make stakes and manage your money. Absolute reliance on your own strengths isn’t the smartest decision. Even professional gamblers may require some guidance. Beginners won’t go any further without it.

The failure in live betting is based on a poor understanding of the process and everything surrounding it. In fact, a lack of knowledge becomes a problem for efficient live betting. If you are eager to build a good base for betting, find a basic guide before playing games. By moving step by step, you will achieve the desired level of success shortly.

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