How to Increase Sales With SafeOpt!

by Sean Dixon

SafeOpt Retargeting

SafeOpt is a marketing platform that specializes in retargeting advertisements. Out of all of the internet’s marketing solutions, retargeting is one of the most effective. The reason for this is that it can help to re-engage customers if they have abandoned your website or were interrupted. SafeOpt makes retargeting significantly easier, which is why it’s trusted by tens of thousands of businesses. Using it gives you access to the platform’s network of over 175 million consumers, too.

This post will tell you how you can use the SafeOpt platform to increase your business’s sales.

What Is Retargeting?

Before explaining how you can use SafeOpt’s platform to increase your sales, it’s first important to cover retargeting. The term ‘retargeting’ refers to the process of sending emails or messages to consumers who have left your website without finishing what they were doing or buying a product. When consumers sign up for SafeOpt’s service, they are promised promotional offers and discounts. When you yourself sign up for it and a consumer also signed up finds their way onto your site, you will receive a notification, and can then target that individual with a promotional offer. Obviously, retargeting is done on a much larger scale and is automated by SafeOpt. You don’t need to painstakingly send out offers one by one.

New Customers

SafeOpt doesn’t just make re-engaging customers easier, it also helps you to attract new customers. When you pay for SafeOpt Retargeting, you are able to send out emails to people who haven’t subscribed to your site’s newsletter or have even never done business with you before. As long as they are a part of SafeOpt’s network, you can target them. If people accidentally click on your site and then receive a follow-up email including a promotional code, they might then return and consider buying a product from you.

Calls to Action

When you send retargeting emails, they need to contain a call to action or a CTA. A CTA is a written directive, designed to encourage customers on the edge to take the leap and buy products from your site. While they are not always effective, they still can be very helpful. Your CTA needs to be as clear and commanding as possible. It should be something like, “Buy now” or “Return to complete your purchase.” If a customer was already considering making a purchase, a follow-up email could be all they need to go ahead with it.

Promotional Codes

If a customer put an item in your site’s checkout but then abandoned it, something could have come up or they could have had second thoughts. SafeOpt allows you to send these people promotional offers, which could convince them to reconsider or at least get them back on your website. The promotional codes that you send should never be too high. Sending out high-value promotional codes can lead to exploitation and also devalue your brand. You should keep your codes between 5-10%. You should also offer an additional 5% code if people sign up for your newsletter, too.

Promote Products

Another way to increase sales with retargeting is to promote new products. If somebody has been on your site browsing products that you are about to phase out or replace, then you can send that personal information about your latest releases, and the products that you are going to be gradually introducing. You may even want to accompany these promotional emails with a discount code, which the customer can use for their first purchase, as long as they buy one of your newly released products.

Advertising Sales

You shouldn’t just advertise promotional codes, you should advertise news of sales, too. Any sales that you have going on should be one of the first things that you send people information about. Some businesses allow people to use coupons on sale items, but this isn’t always the best idea. Not only can this allow customers to significantly reduce the amount that they have to pay for products but it can also lead to your brand being devalued. If you look like you’re giving things away for free, then people are going to be reluctant to buy your products.

Educating Customers

Because SafeOpt will allow you to send first-time visitors information about your site, you can use this as an opportunity to educate customers. While it’s indeed true that your retargeting emails and messages should include clear calls to action, that’s not to say that you can’t still include a few paragraphs about what your business does, what you stand for, and what the advantages of working with you are. This information should of course be below the actual CTA. You don’t want customers or first-time visitors to miss the call to action because they are reading about your site. You could also send first-time visitors a link to your site’s ‘About us page if this information is available there.

Related Products

You can also upsell related products. When people are browsing products on your website, you can send them information about other similar ones. If you have a range of exclusive, expensive products, then a range of more affordable ones, you can send people who have been browsing the latter information about the former. If the reason they did not make a purchase was that the product was too expensive, information about a less expensive product could be a great way to still get them to buy something.

Consistent Branding

Something that’s not talked about a lot in relation to retargeting is branding. The emails that you send your customers need to be consistently branded. In other words, they need to match your website and social media pages in style. The font, colors, and logos present in your emails should be an accurate reflection of what can be found on your website, or elsewhere online. Not branding your emails properly can confuse customers. People won’t want to buy products from you if your branding isn’t consistent because they might think you are scamming them.

SafeOpt makes retargeting easier than ever before. However, just because it streamlines retargeting, that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to put in the effort and work on increasing your sales. This post’s guidance will help you to do just that.

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