Event Ticketing Trends 2022

by James Martin


The year 2020 has started to change things across the globe and 2022 will take it to another level.Over the past two years every Industry has witnessed a significant change in the way to do business, marketing or operations.The Event Industry has been revolutionized after the widespread of Covid.Brands and public figures especially entertainers has been looking ways to stay connected with their customers /audience.Online Events has came forward as a blessing for them.A lot has changed over the last two years and some trends will still be creating a buzz along with new ones in 2022.

Online Event Trends 2022

Hybrid Events

The line between personal and professional life is getting blurred due to work from home.People are finding ways to keep them entertained,in-shape and productive.Lucky Hybrid events give them a feeling that they are out of their home yet being at home. Event ticketing online has made buying such moments more easily and accessible.

Hybrid events are a combination of virtual events and in-person events.Your audience can attend the event irrespective of their location.Yes its a two way communication but engagement is key for hybrid events.The event organizers tries to make their audience engaging with speakers by way of live chats,live polling, AI filters and much more.

Entertain the purpose

The digital space is getting messy and crowded due to the bloodshed between brands to capture the attention of their target audience.Each day witnesses an increase in events being organized and marketed by brands and entertainers.So what’s the catch? You should make sure your event not only serves its primary purpose but meanwhile keeps the audience entertained by various means of interactions.Mere simple interactions and entertainment will not help you need to be best in class.Before there were limited seats for audience to get their purpose serve.But now the tables have been turned and brands have limited seats to serve their purpose.

Micro events but Macro impact.

The wise words “Less is More” have been more true in the current era than ever before.People have limited time due to fast moving life.Mirco events are the new toy which brands should play to create their space in people’s life.2-3 days events are hectic and require long commitment from attendees which does not goes well with the fast pace life.People are looking for shortcuts whether it is to grow in their career or escape for a while  from their real-life through entertainment.

Micro events are like muffins-some love it, some don’t but everyone wants to have it on their plate.Why? Because no one loves the person who hates muffins.People don’t want to sound boring and they don’t want to spend much time.So they book their growth path or escape path through event ticketing online platforms.


In conclusion,entertain your purpose of the event,keep it short and make it available for everyone with the spice of interactions.Only “wow” factors make their way in the overcrowded digital life.

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