Everything You Need to Know Before Renting an RV for the First Time Video

by Carter Toni

If you are renting a motorhome the very first time, you most likely have lots of questions: Just how much will it cost to book a motorhome? What sort of RV or trailer must i rent? What must i pack? Thankfully, we’ve the solutions for your RV questions, so that you can hit the street with full confidence this summer time. We spoke to Paige Bouma, v . p . at RV Trader, and Megan Buemi, senior manager of content marketing at RVshare, to have their expert consultancy on from RV rentals to journey packing lists. Based on RVshare, RV bookings are up greater than 1,000 percent from early April, with individuals across the nation preparing look around the outdoors throughout their summer time vacations. Here’s what you ought to know to participate them.

Just how much will it cost to book a motorhome?

RV travel can be quite affordable, but the treatment depends in your preferences. Probably the most common questions from first-timers is “how expensive is it to book a motorhome?” While there isn’t any obvious-cut number, there’s a couple of points to consider. First, you need to element in the RV rental cost. This varies in line with the vehicle type, where you’re going, and the duration of your trip, but based on RVshare, “the average booking is $150 every night and $1,000 for any four- to 5-night rental.” Additional fees include insurance, gas, campground charges, food, and much more. Bouma notes that it is smart to pre-plan where you’re remaining overnight in advance, so that you can park at free lots or at friends’ homes.

What must i pack in my RV trip?

There is a thin line between overpacking and never getting the thing you need. Like every trip, you’ll wish to pack the clothing and supplies essential for those activities you are interested in. Buemi states to “pack attentively,” noting that renters should “speak towards the RV owner by what they continue board for his or her renters, for example linens and cookware.” Bouma notes that it is important to possess a tool package and first-aid package on hands, in situation of emergencies. If you are going with kids, remember games, craft supplies, movies, kitchen supplies, not to mention, sticks, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate to make s’mores.

How must i plan my RV trip?

Bouma states that planning is a terrific way to get everyone active in the trip. Take a look at route and destinations in advance, plot out where you’ll stay overnight (making reservations for searched for-after campgrounds), plan meals, and make certain you’ve enough water inside your tank and gas inside your generator. Oh, and determine where you’ll have hookups for water and power, too.

What RV must i rent or buy?

Selecting the best RV for your forthcoming vacation can appear just like a daunting task because there are plenty of models and brands available. Let factors such as budget, the amount of people traveling, the destination, and the size of the trip help narrow things lower. Consider whether you’ll need a motorhome or perhaps a towable trailer (and make certain your vehicle can tow whatever trailer you select). Buemi states to “decide what’s most significant for you, for example pet-ambiance, quantity of beds, a complete kitchen, fun outside space, and much more.”

What else should i know before renting a motorhome?

Should you rent a motorhome, you’ll need to decide whether or not to drive it, tow it, or get it at the destination. If you are not into the thought of driving or towing something so large, some RV rentals may even drop them back at the preferred campground. When renting a motorhome the very first time, make sure to obtain a walk-though in the owner. Buemi advises, “Setting up a motorhome in a campground might be a new comer to you, so ask the dog owner to provide you with detailed instructions on every aspect of their rig, for example ways to use the electrical hookups, open the awning, dump the tanks, etc.” Whether you’re renting or buying, make certain you’ve insurance and assistance in situation of the accident. RVshare provides to $200,000 in collision and comprehensive coverage plus free 24/7 roadside assistance and towing and tire service. We understand it can be daunting if you’ve never done anything like car trailer hire or RV trips before.

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Bouma also notes that motorists can frequently forget how tall their RVs are (particularly with their Air conditioning units on the top). Be careful when driving under anything with low clearance, including fast-food drive-throughs.

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