Exciting Jobs You Can Get with a Foreign Language

by Carter Toni

Do you know a foreign language, but aren’t too sure what to do with it? There are plenty of exciting jobs available to you if you know a foreign language and more career options than simply entering into the world of translation. Realistically, as a speaker of a foreign language, your job options are endless because it equips you with a wide range of both hard and soft skills that will make you an attractive candidate to any employer.

So, what are the jobs that you could go into? The below list will talk about your career options and what these jobs entail.

Translator / Interpreter

This is the most obvious career and one that you may have already considered, but either way it is certainly worth going over. A lot of people tend to shy away from being a translator due to the fact it is a freelance position a lot of the time; however, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, thanks to organizations such as Smartling,which provides different organizations with Smartling translation software. This means that if organizations expand into foreign countries, translators such as yourself would be able to help interpret any emails and articles they receive that are in a different language. However, make sure you understand the subtle difference between translation and interpretation before applying for the position.

Teacher / Blogger / Content Creator

Another job that a lot of people who know how to speak a foreign language take is a career within a classroom. Teaching the language you know can be incredibly rewarding as people around you start to fall in love with it in the same way that you did. That being said, teaching is not limited to the classroom anymore. You could also offer your services with more modern ways of assisting individuals with developing their language skills, which could be by blogging or content creating.

Customer Service Representative

If you like talking to people in your language, then there is no better place to converse with them than over the phone in different regions as a customer service representative. By working in a customer service job, you will get the reward of solving people’s issues, while effectively advising them in a language that might not be the language you were born into.

Tour Guide

If you can speak a foreign language, have a good memory and like being sociable, then working as a tour guide might just be the perfect job for you. It’s a really fun role for people who like to experience different countries and cultures. Not to mention, you will also be able to go to different tourist destinations and recite information about the sites.

Flight Steward

If just speaking another language isn’t exciting enough for you, then why not try to do it thousands of feet up in the air? Working as a flight steward, you will be attending to the needs of fliers of multiple different nationalities, which means the ability to communicate with them in the tongue they feel most comfortable with is crucial.

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