Explore these design tips and inspirations to make an engaging business banner for your eCommerce store/portal

by Carter Toni

To create a banner ad for your eCommerce website, select a dedicated banner software. You need to choose from options like name, location, environment, dimensions, and animation mode.

  • It’s important to give a name to the ad. It’s the HTML file’s name. Choose your file saving location.
  • Regarding the environment, select the places where you want the advertisement to run. You can take help from the Google Web Designer tool, which supports Google Ads, Display and Video 360, and AdMon environments.
  • For the dimensions, you can choose a responsive layout for creating an ad that entails automatic sizing to comply with the ad slot or viewpoint of display.
  • You can also set the ad dimensions if you’re aware of the specific size. If you want to use a custom size, select Custom from the site’s dropdown menu and enter the height and width manually.

Banner size and visuals

According to Ecommerce marketers, 2021 will see 2.15 billion digital buyers worldwide, which means a quarter of the global population will do online shopping. Keeping the growing need to make a business banner for your website and bedeck it with an SEO strategy, you need to choose the right banner size.

  • With the Google Display Network providing you with an exhaustive list of banner sizes, not all the sizes offer an identical performance.
  • The four most prominent converting banner sizes are medium rectangular banners, which account for a mammoth 40% of all ad footfall and impressions, the leaderboard ads, which are the runners-up with 25% coverage, wide skyscraper banners with 12%, and mobile leaderboard ads with a 12% kingdom of the small screen.
  • The technical dimensions are 300*250 pixels, 728*90 pixels, 160*600 pixels, and 320*50 pixels respectively.
  • Your Ecommerce banner must have visually compelling images/graphics. Don’t comprise on image quality pertaining to your online banner ad design.
  • It’s important to optimize the visuals in compliance with your platform, ad objective, ad type, and size.
  • For example, don’t use white and blue in your banner ad if it’s a Facebook ad. It ensures that everyone notices your banner ad.

Pro tip: You don’t your creative ad to blend with the rest, but stand out from them.

The ad making tools

There are reputable online sites that provide a range of Ecommerce banner ad designs. Leverage the tools to reach new audiences. Create stunning and on-point graphics.

  • Templates are an integral part of a business banner. You can browse templates to design captivating eCommerce graphics. They help in crossing all boundaries of commercial lines. It’s an effortless way to reach your audience.
  • The are online tools to make your product images from the online store look more appealing. These banner making tools can help in creating eye-catching product visuals. You can bid adieu to making drab product presentations with only text and image.

You can make them more engaging and fun by adding interactive buttons, colors, background changing, shapes, and more. You don’t need to worry about site compatibility. The present business banner ads are compatible with every major eCommerce platform.

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