How to Look Glamorous in Cowboy Hats

by Carter Toni

Hats are one of those fashion accessories that enhance your appearance. And guess what, cowboy hats are among one the fashionable hats that are preferred by people nowadays and surprisingly a cowboy hat can effortlessly match any kind of outfit.  

But do you know where cowboy hats belong? Originally herders used to wear cowboy hats for protecting themselves from the sun and other elements of weather at the time of work. Besides functional purposes, cowboy hats today, are also worn for fashion and add an extra touch of glamour to your look. 

In this article, we will discuss various ways in which you can look glamorous every day in cowboy hats. 

Choose Your Design

You will see there are numerous options available to choose from when you will go to buy a cowboy hat. For someone, such a wide range of choices is overwhelming whereas for some it is very tempting. To look best in a cowboy hat you have to get the one that will best match according to the shape of your face, your occasion, etc. Cowboy hats are also available in various materials like leather, wool, fur, etc and each material have their respective properties like if you want something durable then you should go for rabbit fur hats. So you see there are various western hat styles to choose from that can give you a perfect cowboy look.

Do not Pay Heed to Criticism

While buying a cowboy hat,donot pay any attention to criticisms. You will find plenty of people who will give you advice on which hat to choose but you do not have to listen to them. You are the one who is going to wear it, so you are the one who will best understand what and which kind of hat will suit you most. When you will buy a cowboy hat, do not listen to any sort of criticism; buy the hat in which you feel confident and the one that gives you an iconic look.

Know the Essence of Wearing a Cowboy Hat

You will encounter many people who tend to wear cowboy hats backward, but you, my friend have to avoid such a terrible mistake. You must have noticed that cowboy hats are a bit bow-shaped near the headband portion. And the perfect way of wearing a cowboy hat is to keep this bow-shaped portion backward. If remembering so many things seems to be difficult, then just keep in your mind that the narrow portion of a cowboy hat should always be in the front. The way of wearing a cowboy hat and proper adjustments significantly reflects your personality. Once again, the flat bow-shaped part should be at the back, and the narrow raised portion should be at the front. 

Be Careful With the Angles

As already mentioned, the way of wearing a cowboy hat speaks a lot about your personality. If your hat gets slightly tilted on any one side, then that angle will portray that you are a guy full of confidence. If all brims of your cowboy hat are perfectly at the same level, it will signify that you are a straightforward person. If your hat gets slightly tilted over the eyes, then it will imply that you are a serious person with a bit of mystery in your character. You see how the angle of the brims of your hat can portray your individuality. So wear it the right way to reflect your mood and temperament. 

Pair It Up With Other Dresses

A cowboy hat with jeans and a t-shirt is one of the deadly attire combinations. The best thing with a cowboy hat is that it elevates your glam no matter in which attire you are, you will look astoundingly glamorous even if you wear a cowboy hat with a simple white t-shirt. A combo of a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a blazer is more than enough to enhance your look and give you a stunning personality. But never commit the mistake of wearing a cowboy hat along with a sneaker. And also, try to avoid very skinny jeans.

Follow the Etiquettes

There are certain etiquettes of wearing cowboy hats that you must follow. According to truewestmagazine, you must take off your hat while you are entering the Lord’s church but, there is an exception in the case of cowboy church. In restaurants, you must avoid wearing hats in the booths; you must take off your hats when a flag is present in front of you or when you are greeting a lady. There are more such rules that you should keep in your mind. 


These are some ways in which you can look glamorous in a cowboy hat. Above all, do not pay heed to criticism, and buy the hat that will fulfill your need and will make you glamorous.

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