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by Glenn Maxwell

Feecoz Review offers exclusive information that isn’t available elsewhere. Find out more about Feecoz.com’s features and authenticity.

Feecoz.com offers amazing discounts on shopping on the web within the U . s . States. Feecoz.com mentioned it strives to provide innovative products. But are you aware that its mission statement may be used to make reference to any service or product? Do you want more details or reviews on its authenticity?

It is recommended that you review Feecoz Reviews before purchasing low-priced products.


Feecoz.com, a brand new e-store, aims to provide innovative and competitive products. These a few of the fifty-three household utilities featured:

  • Kitchen gadgets,
  • Appliances,
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Gardening equipment,
  • Masks,
  • Buttons for Jeans
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Safeguard the face having a face shield
  • Toys,
  • Repair tools
  • Accessories.

Feecoz.com seems to become a scam. The information from the About Us’ section is stolen from hopetor.com and Xontcoy.com.


Purchase household utilities at:http://feecoz.com/

Social networking Links:unspecified on Feecoz.

Cost between $.65 and $29.98. Including impractical discounts as much as 20% which were asked Is Feecoz Legit.

Bulk Buying Options:unspecified on Feecoz.

Street address:SELEAD Limited., 121 Prodromou Ave., #2064 Strovolos first Floor. Hadjikyriakion Bldg 1, Nicosia-2064. It had been seen to be fraudulent and it is present on numerous fraudulent websites.

  • Testimonials and Blogs:not based on Feecoz.
  • Terms & Conditions: present, but plagiarized from Feecoz.
  • Online privacy policy:present, but plagiarized from Feecoz.
  • Telephone number (or) Whatsapp number:unspecified at Feecoz.
  • Store locatorFeecoz didn’t mention the street address.
  • FAQ which help: not specified on Feecoz.

Delivery Policy -Standard Orders are Delivered within two to four days. Efficient orders are delivered within 1 to 4 days. Worldwide expedited orders arrive within 1-2 days. Feecoz accounts for worldwide delivery.

Feecoz reviews Shipping Policy: Feecoz takes 48Hrs for shipping.

Cancellation Policy:unspecified at Feecoz.

  • Tracking:unavailable on Feecoz.
  • Refund Policy:unspecified at Feecoz
  • Restocking Fee:Unspecified Feecoz
  • Policy on Refunds: not specified on Feecoz.
  • Current email address: service1119@outlook.com, which isn’t a company account.
  • Payment Method:via American stock exchange or ApplePay, DinnersClubs, Uncover, Meta and Visa in USD.
  • Newsletters not based on Feecoz


  • Feecoz.com offers low-cost household utilities
  • Feecoz.com includes detailed product specifications in addition to images
  • Feecoz.com provides EMI via ShopPay
  • Feecoz.com offers an array of payment options
  • Feecoz.com provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to definitely sort, filter, and check for criteria

Cons present in Feecoz :

  • Feecoz’s poor inventory control and logic allow people to order limitless quantities of the identical product.
  • ShopPay, GPay and PayPal would be the only possibilities in the checkout
  • Feecoz had 53 products, which limits the amount of purchasing options
  • The street address is fake because it is for any commercial floor and never for rental.
  • It is not easy to achieve customer support since the phone number isn’t present and also the street address is fake.

Is Feecoz.com Legal?

  • Feecoz Creation: 26 March 2022 at 6 :34:23
  • Feecoz Age Three several weeks and 18 days.
  • Feecoz. Last update on: 27 March 2022 at 06:34:24.
  • Feecoz expiry: 26 March 2023 at 06:34:23. This really is to ensure Is Feecoz Legit.
  • Feecoz Existence Expectancy:expires in eight several weeks and twelve days.
  • Trust Index – Feecoz has achieved a terrible 2% trust index.
  • Business RankingFeecoz was rated underneath the average at 42.8%
  • Origin:Feecoz is registered in the united states.
  • Status Blacklisting: Feecoz is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Statusits IP comes with an SSL Certificate valid for the following two months.
  • Suspicious Websites Closeness: 34%.
  • Threat Profile40%
  • Phishing Score14%
  • Adware and spyware Score40%
  • Junk e-mail Score0%
  • Hr person at Feecoz:unspecified

Connection Security: Feecoz transmits data more than a guaranteed HTTPS connection.

Feecoz Review Social relations: Feecoz pages don’t show up on social networking.

Owner’s contact details and identity:Domains By Proxy LLC Services are utilized to censor Feecoz’s owner’s identity and phone.

Customers Feecoz.com Reviews:

Feecoz.com has gotten six reviews online and something YouTube review. This means that it could be considered a Scam. Feecoz.com ranks at 2,414,056 on Alexa.

Feecoz.com doesn’t support product critiques. Feecoz.com is not reviewed or rated on social networking or user review sites. Learn more about Charge Card Scams, as Feecoz.com accepts charge card payments.


Feecoz Reviewconcludes that Feecoz.com scam. Feecoz.com scores poorly on Alexa, Trust and Website Ranking. Feecoz.com scores well around the Threat profile, Suspicion and Phishing. It’s not secure for user data or devices. There wasn’t any customer testimonial about effective delivery. There have been no reading user reviews of Feecoz.com. Hence, we don’t suggest Feecoz.com. We don’t recommend Feecoz.com. As Feecoz.com accepts PayPal payments.

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