Find out how to Add Acute Accent Marks on Mac and PC!

by Sean Dixon

What to Know

Mac: Lengthy press the letter, then choose the corresponding quantity or click on the mark or quantity within the accent menu.

Home windows: Select Num Lock > press Alt + quantity code. If you do not have a quantity pad, use copy and paste.

Cell units: Lengthy press the letter, slide your finger as much as the accented letter, and launch.

This text explains find out how to kind characters with acute accent marks on Macs and Home windows PCs. Directions on this article

apply broadly to all Mac and Home windows computer systems, however some steps might differ relying on the keyboard.

What Are Acute Accent Marks?

Acute accent marks, additionally known as diacritical marks, slant to the best over the tops of sure vowels and consonants. Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek languages use them.

English has included numerous Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese phrases, and lots of of their vowels take the accent mark. For instance, the French and Spanish phrase café typically seems in English with the accent mark.

Acute accent marks are on each uppercase and lowercase vowels:

  • Á É Í Ó Ú Ý
  • á é í ó ú ý
  • Individual typing accent marks within the phrase “túnel”

A number of keyboard shortcuts can render acute accents in your keyboard, relying in your platform. Understand that some applications and laptop platforms might need particular keystrokes for creating acute accent marks.

Find out how to Accent Letters on Mac Computer systems

Enter characters with accent marks on a Mac utilizing the Accent menu or the Emoji & Symbols menu.

Use the Accent Menu

On a Mac laptop keyboard, entry the Accent menu by way of keyboard inputs.

Maintain down the letter you need to add an accent to for a number of seconds. A small menu pops up with totally different accent choices for that letter. Every possibility for a selected letter seems with a quantity beneath it.

Diacritical marks on macOS

Press the quantity key for the model you need to use on the keyboard. Or, use your mouse to click on the mark or its quantity within the accent menu.

For instance, to supply an accented a, press and maintain the a key. Concurrently, choose the quantity 2 on the keyboard or click on the quantity 2 within the accent menu together with your mouse.

For the uppercase model of the character, press the Shift key earlier than you kind and maintain the letter you need to accent. The image you choose seems in your doc.

Use the Emoji & Symbols Menu

To make use of the Emoji & Symbols menu (known as Particular Characters in older variations of the software program), place your cursor in a spot the place you’ll be able to enter textual content.

  • Click on the Edit menu on the high of the display and choose Emoji & Symbols.
  • Emoji & Symbols possibility from the Edit menu on macOS
  • Broaden the menu by clicking the icon within the upper-right nook.
  • Icon to enlarge Emoji & Symbols choices on macOS

Choose an emblem class from the left panel or enter an emblem title within the search area and find the image you need within the central window.

Expanded particular character choices and search bar on macOS

Extra variations of that image seem in the best panel. For instance, should you kind accent within the search area, you may see characters and variations of all sorts of accents. Double-click any image to position it in your doc.

Add Accented Letters on Home windows PCs

On Home windows PCs, allow Num Lock. Maintain down the Alt key whereas typing the suitable quantity code on the numeric keypad to create characters with acute accent marks.

Uppercase Lowercase

  • Alt+0193 = Á Alt+0225 = á
  • Alt+0201 = É Alt+0233 = é
  • Alt+0205 = Í Alt+0237 = í
  • Alt+0211 = Ó Alt+0243 = ó
  • Alt+0218 = Ú Alt+0250 = ú
  • Alt+0221 = Ý Alt+0253 = ý

The row of numbers on the high of the keyboard, above the alphabet, is not going to work for numeric codes. For those who should not have a numeric keypad on the best aspect of your keyboard, copy and paste the accented letter.

Make Accent Marks With no Quantity Pad on a PC

If you do not have a numeric keypad in your PC keyboard’s proper aspect, you’ll be able to copy and paste accented characters from the character map.

For Home windows, find the character map by clicking Begin > Home windows Equipment > Character Map. You can even click on Home windows and sort character map within the search field. Choose the letter you want, copy it, and paste it into the doc.

HTML and Accents

Pc programmers use HTML (HyperText Markup Language) as the fundamental laptop language to construct internet pages. It describes and defines the content material of an online web page.

In HTML, you render characters with acute accent marks by typing the & (ampersand image), then the letter (A, e, U, and so forth), the phrase acute, after which ; (a semicolon) with none areas between them. For instance, following this sequence with the letter e ought to end in an e with an accent mark.

In HTML, the characters with acute accent marks might seem smaller than the encircling textual content. Enlarge the font for simply these characters if this is a vital subject.

Including Accents on Cell Units

If you’re typing on an iOS or Android cellular system, maintain your finger on the letter that you just need to accent. You will see a pop-up of the out there diacritical marks for that letter. Slide your finger as much as the accented letter and launch it to position it in a doc or textual content message.

Different Diacritical Marks

The acute accent is not the one diacritical mark chances are you’ll sometimes want. Find different diacritical marks in the identical approach because the acute accent. Generally used choices embrace:

The grave accent (`).

The cedilla is connected to the underside of a letter, reminiscent of within the phrase façade.

The circumflex accent (ˆ).

The umlaut is 2 dots above a letter, reminiscent of in coöperate, amongst others.

The tilde often has a devoted key on the keyboard. On digital keyboards, the tilde is accessible on the identical pop-up because the acute accent.


How do I add an accent mark in Google Docs?

So as to add accents in Google Docs, use Home windows or Mac keyboard shortcuts. For instance, to create the accented image å on a Home windows PC, maintain down Alt+0225, and on a Mac, press the Choice+e, a keyboard shortcut. Maintain a cheat sheet close by should you do not need to memorize these keyboard shortcuts.

How do I kind accent marks on the iPhone keyboard?

Use the iPhone’s built-in keyboard to create accent marks and different symbols. Faucet and maintain the letter that requires an accent. A row of accented variations of the letter seems. Drag your finger to pick out the right accent or image, after which take away your finger. Your chosen accented letter will seem.

How do I add accent marks on a Chromebook?

In your Chromebook, choose the time from the underside proper after which choose Settings > Superior > Language and Inputs. Subsequent, choose Inputs and activate Present enter choices within the shelf. Choose the keyboard language code and the language you need to change to.

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