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Developing cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc., have attracted migrating talents from the neighboring cities. This, without any doubt, exerts tremendous pressure on the existing infrastructure and the residential stock. But still, most people are constantly on the hunt for flats for rent to deal with the cost of homeownership. Finding an apartment for rent is flexible and levies less financial strain on people. Rental homes are also popular among students and executives, apart from families looking for budget accommodations.

What is it like to rent a flat in a city like Bangalore?


We have to admit that almost every Indian family should have inhabited rental homes at some point in their life. In a city like Bangalore, which experiences a substantial influx of migrant population, rental apartments are shared. People constantly search for flats in Bangalore for rent to soothe their home needs. The major contributing factor is that; rental houses are cheaper and more flexible.


Rental opportunities in Bangalore attract a vast cross-section of individuals from diverse age groups. Students, executives, and young breadwinners constantly hunt for flats in Bangalore for rent. Their search ranges from 1 BHK home to high-end multi-bedroom apartments. These rental homes for the modest income groups are located around the cheap suburbs. Choosing to stay in classier and posh areas of Bangalore will attract heavier rents.


Some popular destinations to find a flat in Bangalore for rent are Koramangala, Bellandur, Tirumanahalli, Hennur, Bommanahalli, etc. We can find a 1 BHK apartment for rent in Bangalore at a cost as low as Rs. 9000 pm. This could be an ideal accommodation option for singles and young executives who live alone in Bangalore. Small and nuclear families choose to stay in 1 BHK or 2 BHK homes, available at a rental cost of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000. Rents of spacious apartments with many beds could range from Rs. 25000 to even a lakh.


The cost of the flat in Bangalore for rent depends on several factors. The first and foremost factor is the location of the apartment. If you find a flat in Bangalore for rent in a posh area, well connected with the rest of the city, its rent will be higher. Similarly, areas with good facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, etc., will cost higher. The second deciding factor is the space of the flat. Three and four BHK apartments will naturally have higher rent than 1 RK or 1 BHK apartment.


Some flats in Bangalore for rent have numerous in-built amenities.


● These are large co-living spaces and gated communities.

● They will have a children’s park, swimming area, theatres, and clubs,

● They even have schools and mini hospitals inside their premises.


Such accommodations collect higher rents and maintenance fees. We can, in short, say that these rental accommodations play a significant role in the housing sector of Bangalore city. They offer well-structured housing and living patterns for their citizens and their migrant population.

Apartments in Hyderabad:


Like Bangalore, Hyderabad is also an important metropolitan city, and we can find a flat in Hyderabad for rent almost instantly. The housing sector in this city has attained vast development to offer the luxury of structured living for their people. The city has built several apartments to meet the housing needs of its migrant population. The rates of homeownership are currently high in Hyderabad. But you can easily find a flat in Hyderabad for rent, with all modern amenities.


Renting a house has been very comfortable for people as well. They need not bear the repair and maintenance costs, and they need not pay the property taxes and still enjoy all the amenities of the living space. They only have to pay a security deposit while choosing a flat in Hyderabad for rent. They also get to enjoy great flexibility and all expensive amenities just by paying a meager rent.


The best locations to find a flat in Hyderabad for rent are Gachibowli, Kondapur, Miyapur, Kukatpally, Hafeezpet, Madhapur, etc. The rent of the apartments in these areas could range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month. Some posh areas to find luxurious apartments are Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Manikonda, HiTec City, etc. The rent of the apartments in these areas could start at Rs. 25,000 pm and could be as high as Rs. 1,00,000. Also, the rent of three and four-bed flats in these high-end areas could be around Rs. 1,50,000 to even Rs. 2,50,000. There are many property developers in the city, making it easy to find a flat in Hyderabad for rent. The competition among these property developers keeps the real estate prices within the affordable range.


Once you have made up your mind to find a flat in Hyderabad for rent, you need comprehensive assistance to aid your search. You can browse for your best home at, which lists flats area-wise in the cities. In this portal, you can find other comprehensive information such as the exact location of the property, an area in square feet, complete address, etc. You can also contact the owners of the property to learn more about its amenities. lists about 14,943 rental properties in Hyderabad alone and 38,933 properties in Bangalore city. It serves as a one-stop destination for those who are on the lookout for rental apartments in major cities. Apart from apartments, one can find independent houses, floors, plots, and villas, as well at






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