First smoke-free resort on Vegas Strip opens: ‘My clothes aren’t smelling’

by Glenn Maxwell

First smoke-free resort on Vegas Strip opens

Vegas – The ashtrays have left.

The credit card table view is obvious.

The environment is crisp.

“My clothes aren’t smelling,” stated 81-year-old Pete Thorne, standing near a slot machine game inside Park MGM – the Vegas Strip’s first smoke-free hotel-casino.

The MGM Resorts property reopened Wednesday the very first time because the COVID-19 pandemic shut lower the accommodation for seven several weeks, nevertheless its return came with a brand new rule and also the first available around the Strip: No smoking.

Scattered round the casino were signs reminding visitors from the ban that limits illuminating to 3 designated areas outdoors your building:

Because the COVID-19 dying toll increases over the U.S., smoking inside casinos has resurfaced like a make-or-break detail for travelers planning vacations, and firms like MGM Resorts are actually restricting where visitors can puff tobacco.

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Visiting visitors cordially received the electric atmosphere.

“It is the finest factor on the planet,” stated 72-year-old Jane Stalls, of Storden, Minn. “I personally don’t like sitting alongside those that smoke. Anytime someone sits alongside me smoking, I move.”

Visitors can smoke in three places: The Rideshare Zone from the primary lobby, the leading door of NoMad Hotel mounted on Park MGM, and also the Central Park Terrace around the second floor from the convention center.

Smokers like Kendra Haggerty, of Iowa’s Council Bluffs, did not mind the modification.

While she enjoys a cigarette from time to time, she does not recognize the classic Vegas casino chain smoker – the gamblers puffing on the new smoke every ten minutes.

“It’s nice that individuals can go to a smoke-free casino,” she stated.

Walter Jack, a 39-year-old Floridian who visited Park on Tuesday to determine the electric atmosphere, respects MGM’s option to ban smoking, but he does not expect smoke-free casinos to become norm around the Strip.

“To every their own,” he stated. “You need to suit your clientele. Many people like arrive at Vegas to enjoy smoking. Others view smoking as unhealthy.”

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