Foreign singer Luke Bell died in accidental Getting Overdose !

by Sean Dixon

New bands singer Luke Bell’s reason for dying was an accidental fentanyl overdose, based on an autopsy report from Arizona’s Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office acquired by NBC News.

The report also determined that Bell endured from arteriosclerotic coronary disease during the time of his dying.

“In thought on the known conditions surrounding this dying, the accessible health background, and also the study of the remains, the reason for dying is related to fentanyl intoxication,” the report mentioned. “The way of dying is accident.”

The “Where Ya Been?” singer was discovered dead in Tucson, Arizona, on August. 26, nearly per week after he’d been reported missing. He was 32.

Luke Bell’s buddies and family people appreciated the musician’s “gentle heart” and “wanderer’s spirit” after his dying.

“We have forfeit our beloved boy, brother and friend and we’re heartbroken. Luke were built with a gentle heart, a wanderer’s spirit along with a musical gift he was fortunate to see us and also the world,” Bell’s family members told NBC News inside a statement on Sept. 1.

Bell’s family and buddies says Bell had battled with mental illness, which his struggle grew to become more pronounced after his father died.

“Unfortunately Luke endured in the disease of mental illness, which progressed after his father’s dying in 2015. Luke was supported through his disease with a community of loving family and buddies. Regardless of this, he was not able to get the assistance he required to ease his discomfort,” they stated within their statement.

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