How to Format a Write Protected USB Drive!

by Glenn Maxwell

32GB of USB memory stick storage just sits inside your office drawer ironically taking on space. What for? Since you cannot add almost anything to it. It’s write protected and also you cannot format nonsense! Or are you able to? Lots of people inquire about formatting write protected USB drives.

First, make certain this really is what you ought to do. Are you certain you simply do not have a defunct USB port?

 Maybe your memory stick is simply broken?

We’ll arrive at the bottom of the problem, and only you retain all of your latest Firefly fanfiction about this disk therefore the boss doesn’t view it, or else you dance at work Space. onto it within the parking area. It’s this or today, baby! Go.

Firstly – can the write protection be removed? Let’s assume you’ve adopted all of the stages in our article on Fixing Write Safeguard Errors on the USB Drive.

There’s yet another factor we are able to try that fell victim for an oversight in the following paragraphs.

Remove write protection with Diskpart command line utility

Click the Start menu and kind CMD Look for programs and files within the field. It ought to appear towards the top of the beginning menu. Right click it and choose “Run as administrator”.

You need to now visit a command line utility that appears such as this.

Go into the command DISKPART and press Enter. Diskpart is really a disk partitioning tool included in Home windows and available via a command line utility. By using it, we are able to alter the values ??connected together with your USB drive.

Now type LIST DISK and press Enter. You need to visit a table like the one below. It displays two available drives: a hard drive (Hard disk drive) as drive along with a USB memory stick as drive 1. We all know that the USB memory stick is drive 1 since it is much smaller sized than drive , only 7441 MB in dimensions. when compared with 298 GB. Be cautious to any extent further! You can observe when starting with the incorrect drive, things could possibly get terribly quicker than once the lights seriously the final call.

At this time, type SELECT DISK 1 and press Enter. You’ll be rewarded using the understanding that Disk 1 has become the chosen disk. Enter ATTRIBUTES DISK and Diskpart will explain what you’d like to learn regarding your memory stick. The most crucial may be the first line. Current read-only status: Yes. This allows us realize that the memory stick is definitely write protected.

To get rid of write protection with Diskpart, issue the ATTRIBUTES DISK Obvious READONLY command. Whether it works, it will likely be confirmed through the line Disk Attributes cleared up effectively.

Disk format test method

The exam bed of these utilities is really a Home windows 7 computer having a Kingston DataTraveler DT101 G2 8GB USB 2. drive.

Before each test, an evaluation file is positioned around the disk and also the disk is write-protected while using Diskpart tool. The USB stick will be taken off the pc and reinserted. This helps to ensure that the pc reads the newest attributes. Skipping this task sometimes leads to Home windows Explorer the inability to begin to see the drive.

The USB stick’s attributes are checked in Diskpart as well as an attempt is built to copy another test file towards the USB stick. If copying fails, you are able to securely think that write protection is working.

The formatting utility will be launched around the test disk. Whether it winds up having a success screen, then Home windows Explorer checks the USB stay with make certain the exam file remains. When the test file is missing, the utility announces it has effectively formatted the USB drive.

To ensure the formatting removed the write protection, an effort is made to repeat an evaluation file to some USB stick. When the file is copied effectively, the write protection is taken away. Otherwise, the disk attributes are checked using the Diskpart tool to find out when the disk is write-protected and when the pc is obtainable.

We’ll only discuss the utilities that ran with that particular drive. Other formatting and USB storage utilities may go in your storage, particularly if supplied by the maker from the storage. When the manufacturer’s utility doesn’t meet your needs, consider visiting the place in which you got it or contacting the maker. Most of them offer repair or substitute services.

USB Format Utilities

Apacer USB 3. Repair tool has two functions – format and repair. It’s no frills.

Understandably, the format is perfect for formatting the USB stick, and also the restore is perfect for having your USB stick working again. The way the restore function functions by executing a minimal-level format . This completely erases your USB drive and restores it to the factory defaults.

The format did focus on an evaluation drive, however the write protection continues to be intact. The restore function also formatted the memory stick and renamed it PUBLIC, however the write protection was still being working.

If none of those functions focus on your Apacer USB drive, Apacer includes a statement on its site that insists upon contact “… the Approved Apacer Dealer or Distributor from that you initially purchased the substitute product if still cannot ”be repaired. “

Kingston Format Utility

When the software premiered, it identified the drive and it is current file system.

Everything labored very rapidly, but nonetheless left the memory stick protected against writing. Such as the Apacer tool, additionally, it altered the disc name, but to Kingston rather of Public. No question it labored: the exam drive grew to become a Kingston product.

Takeaway food

Both of these programs were the only real ones that labored on formatting the exam drive

to allow them to work perfectly in your drive. However, the programs didn’t release write protection, that is what we should wanted.

As noted earlier, go to the USB drive manufacturer’s website to find out if there is a program that will help you or perhaps a repair or substitute service. Make sure to try all of the steps pointed out in Fixing Write Safeguard Errors on the USB Drive (begin to see the link within the introduction above), in addition to instructions on altering the attributes in Diskpart. In the event that doesn’t work, try on some your boots, dance with Work Place, and mind for your local sales rep for a replacement.

If you’ve found a different way to format a write-protected memory stick and take away write-protection, we’ll gladly find out about it within the comments. Within the finish, we’re altogether.

After you’re completed to get things working how you want, you might like to consider password-protecting the sensitive info on your USB drive.

Searching for additional tips? Here’s how you can remove write defense against an Sdcard and helpful tips for format your exterior hard disk without losing your computer data.

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