Four Reasons You Should Invest in a Mirrored Wardrobe!

by Glenn Maxwell

Renovating your home is always an exciting, if daunting, undertaking. There are some of us that can’t get enough, with one in four people in a constant state of decoration at home. For the rest of us, though, the sheer possibilities can be paralysing, especially if you’re not quite sure where to start.

The bedroom is a particular point of contention for many, being the first thing, we wake up to and the last thing we see before we go to sleep. Here, I am to make a case for the inclusion of the mirrored wardrobe into your bedroom renovation plans. It is a versatile form of furniture with many practical and aesthetic applications, and here are four reasons you should consider one.


Ahead of any other reasoning, it is a simple fact that a mirrored wardrobe is a hugely practical addition to your bedroom space. Wardrobes are nothing short of essential in order to conveniently store your clothes and valuables; having the wardrobe door act as a mirror doubles its usefulness and frees up more space where a separate floor-standing mirror may have had to stand.

For smaller or awkwardly-shaped spaces, mirrored sliding wardrobes are particularly useful; you gain the above benefits, as well as ease of access without doors swinging out to block off parts of your room. Sliding wardrobes can also be installed in narrower spaces, meaning you can make the most of your room while still retaining the fundamental practicality of a combined mirror and wardrobe unit.

Making Your Room Seem Bigger

Even if you aren’t particularly big on fashion, make-up or generally checking out your fit before a day out, a mirror can be an incredibly useful asset to your bedroom for reasons unrelated to your look. One of bigger uses of mirrors in home décor is to make a room seem bigger.

In reflecting the room back to the eye, an optical illusion is created whereby we subconsciously perceive the room to be larger in size. This can make smaller box bedrooms feel more expansive, especially in the case of mirrored wardrobes where the doors are floor-to-ceiling mirror.

Bringing in the Light

Another practical use of mirrors in home décor is to simply re-direct light around the home. By angling mirrors against windows in the right way, light can be bounced into darker corners and alcoves, increasing the overall natural brightness of the room and preventing things from getting too dark and dingy in the daytime. Wall-mounted mirrors are a useful way to do this without taking up too much valuable floor-space, but if your wardrobe is mirrored then you can benefit from this effect without even sacrificing wall space.

Sheer Style

Lastly, mirrored wardrobes don’t need to be practical to be essential. Mirrored wardrobes are also a strong aesthetic choice, with versatile applications in many décor schemes. Mirrored wardrobes can add a hint of light and opulence to a regal space, but they can also reflect rustic charm in a hardwood-floored attic room. The possibilities are endless, and your room could stand to benefit greatly on looks alone.

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