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by Glenn Maxwell

Maybe you have attempted to collect Geneh Limited reviews? Should you clarified yes towards the above question, then please check out the next sections.

You’re wondering if ought to be preferred for shopping. Are you currently interested in what this portal is? Every day, many new websites are produced claiming to supply a better customer experience.

However, fraudsters used portals to steal money from innocent customers, based on the analysis from the U . s . States. This information will review this portal based on its important aspects including age details, Geneh Limited reviews, etc.


Our analysis discovered that the web site claimed to engage in producing outside gears and technologies since 2015. Furthermore, they claimed so that you can design, manufacture, then sell products to buyers. Their primary foundation is quality, having a focussed and active product-development system that gives high-quality products.

So, they launched their company Genehlimited Sportswear, that is located in the United kingdom and sells trendy products. Additionally, it offered casual shirts and Tshirts. Now, let’s check out the next paragraph. It has information concerning the website. Is Geneh Limited Legit

Specifications With This Virtual Shop

  • We scrutinized the portal’s URL as http://world wide
  • Our analysis revealed the social networking icons Facebook, YouTube Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • After approval, the web site mentioned they would issue reimbursement within a week.
  • Our analysis says there wasn’t any subscription choice for the e-newsletter.
  • This portal sells casual shirts and Tshirts.
  • The website suggested the returns be produced within fourteen days.

The exchange facility is not initiated yet. However, the customer may return the merchandise to get replaced by another.

Our Geneh Limited analysis discovered that the web site is simply 27 days old since its registration date was 23-06-2022.

They accept charge card payments.

  • Free delivery can be obtained for orders above US$59 .
  • We’ve got two emails for example and
  • Receiving the product takes 5-17 working days.
  • Telephone number: 44 7309911214

Benefits Offered

  • These social icons are here.
  • We located work address along with a telephone number.
  • Two emails put together within our analysis.

Defects found

  • We didn’t find any e-newsletter option.
  • Trustpilot doesn’t have testimonials.
  • The web site isn’t protected right now.

Is Geneh Limited Legit?

Website age Our analysis says the enrollment date with this web site is 23 June 2022. Therefore, it is 27 days old.

Discounts Info- We learned that the shopping portal presently offers discounts on products that may be tricked by buyers.

Trust score- A unique 1% value was fetched throughout an analysis of the portal.

Shoppers’ Review- Laptop computer learned that there have been no Trustpilot reviews connected with this particular portal. This elevated accusations among internet buyers.

Social Networking Connections We discovered that the icons we discovered about this portal launched to official social networking websites, and never onto website-linked social systems.

Owner Information I was not able to locate the specific founder after trying to find Geneh Limited reviews.

Trust Score – This portal only received .5/100.

Alexa Rank During research, we simply found a 2649072 site value.

Bulk Buying Feature – This web store offers bulk buying options.

Domain Extension Date – 23-06-2022 marks the suspension date with this virtual store.

Policies We learned that even though the information may appear fine, you can use it to bait.

Originality- We learned that Geneh Limited was found at the place we’d declared. However, the web site link or details are not connected with the organization.

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Trustpilot and all sorts of other legit portals weren’t susceptible to buyer reviews. There wasn’t any feedback around the portal, which raises questions. In addition, the website doesn’t seem to be reliable when it comes to its values, and none the social networking links work precisely.

Because it hasn’t received any reliable feedback, we advise buyers to prevent shopping. Learn the most crucial details about PayPal methods.

The Concluding Ideas

This writing contained all the information you need, including Geneh Limited reviews. We figured that is suspect. Because continues to be new, we can’t verify its authenticity. Get a lot of charge card fraud by going to. More details about T-shirts are available here.

Let’s say we’d concluded properly? Please leave your query below.

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