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by Karen

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When you go to a theater watch a movie, you will notice that they turn the light off before starting the picture. There is a reason behind it that is to highlight only what they want to show. Same way that lightbox popups show up the way they do. You will find them on top of the page which you’re viewing and with a darkened background. Would you like to take a guess? Yes, of course to grab your attention.

Lightbox popups are also called modal popups. These are among the most effective ways to convert the visitors on your website into email subscribers and leads. If we talk about the existence of Lightbox popups, it rose to fame a few years back. These popups are only not just good for just capturing email addresses, but they also catch the attention of the visitor and add value to the website.

We can understand, how difficult it could be to build an email list. It is one of the top priorities for a business owner. However, it is true that it can be built manually through meeting people and obtaining their permission, but how wonderful it would be if people fill their subscription forms on a website or through a lightbox popup. You don’t have to put those extra efforts by asking the people if you should add their names in auto sender. Lightbox popup is amazing and this is why webmasters use it to embed images videos, or simply to share messages.

What are lightbox popups?

In today’s scenario, it is highly impossible for a person that he hasn’t seen a lightbox popup while searching for things online. Honestly, lightbox popup has an equal amount of share of lovers and haters. Few people like the way to come on the screen when to visit a site, while others just hate it because they were busy in reading some important information. Be it anything, lightbox popup has become one of the best methods for marketers to get the attention of subscribers. A little advice here. If you’re not using lightbox popup currently, you should be? And if you already are using them, use them efficiently.

A lightbox popup appears on top of the page while doing the background blur so content is highlighted. Because it makes rest of the website inactivated and dimmed out, the attention is given to the popup only. By this way, they make sure that the visitor is only focused on the popup than anything else on the screen.

Advantages of using pop ups

One of the primary benefits of using a lightbox popups on your website is that it ensures to form your subscriber base. Not just Lightboxes are the best sources to gain leads or subscribers, it also helps in nurturing relationships with prospects, clients, subscribers, and customers. If lightbox popups are used properly, they can help to deliver or improve the experience for the user. Lightbox popups are used to inspire site visitors in order to subscribe to the newsletters. Lightbox popups can be used for a number of reasons, comprising highlighting of a case study. Apart from just gathering email addresses, it can also drive the user to another page on the website.


Lightbox popup is one of the best things to be used for not losing customers. There are times, when we lose customers because of our outdated practices. And, lightbox popups are best things that would surely work, especially with the use of smart triggers and visitor personalization. So, if you won a website, be sure to use a lightbox popup to attract customers.

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