Gifts You Can Buy for the Vehicle Fanatic in Your Life

by Carter Toni

Most if not all families have at least one member that is totally hooked on cars, whether it is watching the Formula 1 racing, buying wrecks and bringing them back to life, collecting classic models, or just drooling over any of the fantastic and dreamy supercars that are shown on TV shows.

These members of your family or loved ones are so easy to buy for when you know the cars that they frequently dream of either owning or just having a drive in.

Mattel version of their dream car

You would be surprised by the sheer number of different modelsthat Mattel and Matchbox cars come in. There is nothing better than watching the surprise on a loved one’s face as they open a box to find their dream car in miniature in their hands. This can be made even more personal to your loved one if you know what colors they would want that car in, and you get the matchbox version painted in the same colors for them.

Should you wish to take the gift that little bit further, hunting online to find a second-hand logbook for the dream vehicle to act as a teaser present could also bring a smile to their face and make them chuckle when they open their matchbox version.

Obviously, this also works if your loved one already owns their dream car; you will, of course, know the colors and the exact model to go hunting for.

Bespoke registration plate

Obtaining a personalized registration plate for your loved one’s vehicle is another way to bring a smile to their face, especially if you know the sort of thing that they would like to have on their number plate. It is true that although names and nicknames are very popular, not everyone likes the idea of having their name written across the back of their vehicle.

Obtaining a new vehicle registration number can be easier than you think, and there are many sites that are full of information to help you, as well as actually being able to provide you with the plate as well. It is a good idea to make sure that you have some time to research your chosen registration number to make sure that it has not already been taken.

Driving gift experience

Purchasing a driving gift experience for your loved one to participate in as and when they have the time is another very well-received gift. There are plenty of different types of driving gifts available, from driving a car around a well-known racetrack to off-road trips – you can even drive a James Bond car.

These driving experiences generally come with an experienced instructor who will guide your loved one around the track and teach them what they need to know, and whether your loved one is a budding car enthusiast or seasoned motorhead, they will enjoy the experience and look forward to obtaining another one.

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