Google Classroom for Students: How to Use It

by James Martin


Google Classroom is one of the platforms that may be used to establish virtual classrooms. Although online classes are convenient for teachers, it is undeniable that face-to-face learning is more recommended (better) because there are ethical values, characteristics instilled by the teacher, and teacher and student interactions that can touch hearts, provide enthusiasm, exemplary, a warm gaze, and affection between students and teachers. This is not something that everyone can get in online education.

The government eventually agreed that learning should continue in this unique occurrence, but pupils did not attend school. Students do BDR (Learning From Home) till the time limit is reached based on the conditions in their local locations.

Based on these circumstances, virtual or online classrooms are a superb option for instructors. The teaching and learning process may continue even from home and does not jeopardize the health of teachers and students by imposing social separation as advised by the government.

Teachers may construct online classes using various online learning resources, starting with premium and progressing to free. Furthermore, several platforms may be utilized to build virtual classrooms, such as Whatsapp.

This post will show you how to utilize Google Classroom. There are two modes in the Google Classroom program: teachers (teachers) and students (students). Of course, these two modes differ.

So, this time, we’ll go through how to take a virtual class on Google Classroom. This essay is written for students to grasp the learning process better when using Google Classroom.

PC / Laptop, Android, and iPhone / iPad may all be used to learn in Google Classroom. Come on, watch the debate till it’s over!

Google Classroom for Students: How to Use It

We’ll break down the explanation into sections to make it easier to grasp. So the plot starts with “joining the supplied class,” then “viewing the content,” then “performing and submitting assignments,” and lastly, “seeing the value.”

We’ll go through them one by one here.

  1. Enroll in the offered class.

You must have a Google email account (Gmail) to use Google Classroom. Please make it first if you don’t have it.

Google Classroom may be accessed via the Google Classroom app, downloaded from the Google Play store, or over the web at But this time, we’ll go over the course using the Google Classroom app… to make it simpler and easier to follow. As a result, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your smartphone so that we all get the same impression.

There are three methods to join the class:

The teacher sends you the class URL via link.

Using the Class Code: Her class code is provided by the teacher.


  1. Register for the Class Using the Link

Click on the class URL that your teacher supplied with you. The Google Classroom icon will show when you click it, and you may then click to open the application.

Make sure you’re logged in with the email account you’ll use for Google Classroom.

To join your teacher’s Google Classroom, click Join.

  1. Register for the Class Using the Class Code

Log in with your Gmail account and launch the Google Classroom app.

There is a “+” sign in the lower right corner; click it and then pick the “Join Class” choice.

Enter your teacher’s class code and then click “join.”

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to participate in your teacher’s learning on Google Classroom.

  1. Register for the Class Via Email Invitation

Open the email account you used in class.

On the email invitation, click “Join,” then enter the email address that will be used or log in with another email account for Google Classroom, and then click OK.

  1. Examining the Material

In Google Classroom, go to the “Classwork” menu.

Select the Book Icon, then click to view the study content. Depending on the posts made by your teacher, learning resources may take the shape of electronic books, downloads, or movies.

  1. Performing and Submitting Tasks

Select the “Classwork” option, then the “worksheet” icon, including the assignment.

Choose the assignment on which you will work.

You will be forwarded to the following page, generally including the assignment.

  1. Recognizing Value

Check whether your teacher has revised and graded the assignment you submitted.

Select “Class,” then “Classwork,” and finally “your assignment.” Click “Value” to get the specifics of your evaluation.

The last words

As a result, this post will explain how to utilize Google Classroom. What are your thoughts, guys who already use this app for homework? What is the problem? Maybe even simpler? Let us know about your experience in the comments section!

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