Halloween Baking Championship Season 9 Winner: Halloween Baking Championship Season 9 Winner Revealed!

by Moore Martin

Halloween Baking Championship Season 9 Winner

Halloween is the time for all things eerie and delicious, and what better way to celebrate it than with the Halloween Baking Championship Season 9? In this thrilling TV show that started on October 5, 2015, and airs on the Food Network, talented bakers compete to create the spookiest and most creative desserts. The grand finale of Season 9, which took place on October 30, 2023, witnessed some outstanding performances and crowned a deserving winner.

The Grand Winner: Hollie Takes the Prize

In the grand finale of Halloween Baking Championship Season 9, Hollie emerged as the winner, taking home the coveted $25,000 prize. Hollie, along with two other talented finalists, competed in a nail-biting showdown at the Henson and Sons Carnival.

Throughout the season, Hollie’s consistent performance stood out, impressing the judges with her unique flavors and stunning presentation. The final episode presented two challenges to the contestants. In the Thriller Challenge, they had to create a black, flourless dessert. Hollie wowed the judges with a gothic coffin-themed chewy cookie, flavored uniquely with black pepper and filled with cheesecake. In the Killer Challenge, where bakers designed attraction cakes for the carnival, Hollie’s fun house theme showcased her decorating skills.

The panel of judges, including Carla Hall, Zac Young, and Stephanie Boswell, was thoroughly impressed with Hollie’s overall performance and declared her the champion. Her victory not only secured the grand prize but also promised a bright future in the baking industry. Hollie’s win was a celebration of her exceptional culinary talents, successfully combining taste and creativity.

The Tough Competition: Meet the Finalists

Hollie faced tough competition from two other talented finalists: James and Ryan. Each finalist brought their unique skills and creativity to the competition, making it a challenging decision for the judges.

James, known for his visually striking designs, impressed the judges with his aesthetics throughout the season. However, in the final episode, his entry in the Thriller Challenge, a black seaweed-stacked macaron, fell short in the flavor department, despite its appealing appearance. It highlighted the challenge of balancing appearance and taste in culinary competitions.

Ryan, on the other hand, presented a black sesame-stacked macaron during the Thriller Challenge, which was likened to an adult version of a peanut butter cup. His dessert, complete with chocolate roses, was praised for its inventive flavor combination. In the Killer Challenge, Ryan created a lemon chiffon cake with butternut squash cream cheese filling, earning recognition for its light, airy texture and innovative use of butternut squash.

While James and Ryan demonstrated remarkable skill and creativity throughout the season, it was Hollie’s consistent ability to deliver desserts that were both visually appealing and rich in flavor that ultimately secured her victory in the Halloween Baking Championship Season 9.

Halloween Baking Championship Season 9 Contestants




Hollie Fraser Bakery Owner Port Moody, BC
James Cox Bakery Owner, Pastry Chef Chicago, IL
Ryan McCord Pastry Chef Nashville, TN
Stacy Day Pastry Chef Nashville, TN
Christa Aylward Bakery Owner Dublin, Ohio
Mandi Del Toro Home Baker San Antonio, Texas
Shefali Patel Home Baker Coppell, Texas
Dan Pivovar Pastry Chef Onalaska, Wisconsin
Adesuwa Elaiho Bakery Owner San Antonio, Texas
Phoebe Martinson Bakery Owner Olympia, Washington
Chad Conklin Culinary Instructor Dayton, Ohio
Mike Yu Restaurant Owner Napa, California

Where to Watch Halloween Baking Championship Season 9

If you’re wondering where you can catch all the spooky and delightful action of Halloween Baking Championship Season 9, look no further. You can tune in to Prime Video to indulge in all the mouthwatering and eerie desserts prepared by talented bakers. The show not only showcases their baking skills but also their creativity and innovation, as they tackle various challenges that test their ability to craft visually stunning and delicious treats.

It’s a seasonal delight for those who love Halloween and baking, as contestants compete to claim the $25,000 grand prize. With its mix of unique flavors, thematic designs, and exciting challenges, the show offers a delectable and thrilling experience for all baking enthusiasts.

Halloween Baking Championship Season 9 Winner – FAQs

1. Who won the Halloween Baking Championship Season 9?

Hollie emerged as the winner, taking home the $25,000 prize.

2. When did Halloween Baking Championship Season 9 air its grand finale?

The grand finale aired on October 30, 2023.

3. Where can I watch Halloween Baking Championship Season 9?

You can watch it on Prime Video.

4. Who were the judges on Halloween Baking Championship Season 9?

The judges were Carla Hall, Zac Young, and Stephanie Boswell.

5. How many challenges were there in the final episode of Season 9?

The final episode featured two challenges, the Thriller Challenge and the Killer Challenge.

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