Happy Dhanteras Wishes: Happy Dhanteras Images for Your Facebook and WhatsApp Status!

by Moore Martin

Happy Dhanteras Wishes

Happy Dhanteras, everyone! This auspicious day marks the beginning of the five-day Diwali celebration, and it’s a time for spiritual triumph and prosperity. If you’re wondering about the significance of Dhanteras and why people celebrate it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this special day and provide you with heartwarming Dhanteras wishes accompanied by images for your Facebook and WhatsApp status.

The Essence of Dhanteras

The name “Dhanteras” is derived from two words: “Dhan,” meaning wealth, and “Teras,” signifying the 13th day of the lunar fortnight. This day is highly significant as it’s associated with the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Kubera (the treasurer of the gods), and Lord Dhanvantri (the God of Ayurveda and health).

Lighting Up Your Life

Devotees celebrate Dhanteras by lighting oil lamps and offering prayers to seek blessings for a prosperous life. Legend has it that on this day, Mata Lakshmi emerged from the cosmic ocean, bringing her wealth and abundance to the world. Rangoli and Diyas adorn homes, adding to the festive spirit.

Golden Beginnings

One of the traditions on Dhanteras is buying gold, silver, or utensils, symbolizing the acquisition of prosperity and divine blessings. The worship of Lord Dhanvantri highlights the importance of good health and well-being in one’s life. It’s a day filled with devotion and prayers.

Dhanteras 2023: Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

Now, let’s take a moment to share some heartwarming Dhanteras wishes and quotes with your loved ones:

1. May the divine blessings of Goddess Lakshmi fill your life with wealth and prosperity. Happy Dhanteras!

2. On this Dhanteras, may your life be illuminated with the divine light of love and happiness. Shubh Dhanteras.

3. As we celebrate Dhanteras, may your financial goals be achieved, and your dreams turn into reality. Happy Dhanteras!

4. Dhanteras is an occasion to buy new things and make beautiful memories. Happy Dhanteras to you and your loved ones.

5. May Lord Dhanvantri bless you with good health and well-being. Happy Dhanteras 2023.

These heartfelt wishes can be shared on your WhatsApp status, Instagram stories, or even as a Facebook status. Extend your warm wishes to those close to you and make their day even more special during this festive season.

In Conclusion

Dhanteras is a significant day in Hindu culture, and it’s celebrated with enthusiasm and devotion. It’s a time to seek the blessings of wealth, prosperity, and good health. As you partake in the festivities, don’t forget to share these beautiful wishes with your friends and family.


1. What is the significance of Dhanteras in Diwali celebrations?

Dhanteras marks the beginning of the five-day Diwali festival and is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and other deities associated with wealth and well-being.

2. Why do people buy gold and silver on Dhanteras?

Buying gold and silver on Dhanteras is considered auspicious as it symbolizes the acquisition of prosperity and blessings from the gods.

3. Who is Lord Dhanvantri, and why is he worshipped on Dhanteras?

Lord Dhanvantri is the God of Ayurveda and health. Worshipping him on Dhanteras signifies the importance of good health and well-being in one’s life.

4. How can I celebrate Dhanteras with my family?

You can celebrate Dhanteras by lighting oil lamps, offering prayers, buying gold or silver, and sharing heartfelt wishes and quotes with your loved ones.

5. What are some traditional Dhanteras rituals and customs?

Traditional Dhanteras customs include cleaning and decorating homes, lighting Diyas, and performing aarti to seek blessings for prosperity and good health.

Get ready to embrace the blessings of Dhanteras and make it a joyous occasion for yourself and your loved ones!

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