Here’s what exactly you need to know to be a CCNA

by Carter Toni

If you’re an engineering aspirant, doing yourgraduation in Information Science, Computer Science, or even a school student wishing to work in World-class IT firms, you’ve landed to one of the best pages of web browser. This might be very helpful in achieving your dream job at your dream place. You must have heard about Cisco, a MNC (Multi National Company) of USA giving IT solutions worldwide. Cisco provides hardware, software& telecom services across the globe. The organization gives a CCNA (Cisco certified network associate) certificate, an associate-level certification.To get CCNA certified, one needs to clear exam called ICND1 & further ICND2, both simultaneously.  If one clears the first ICND1 exam, he/she will get the certificate ofCCENT i.e., Cisco Certified Entry-level Network Technician. On passing part-time 2, you will get the Cisco certificate.

I shall discuss every basic details of the particular test e.g., prerequisites, syllabus, nomination, cost of CCNA exam, time, exam duration, expertise one will have & incentives herein. Once you pass it, you’ll be able to crack characteristics as listed:

  1. CCNA data center
  2. CCDA
  3. CCNA routing & switching
  4. CCNA security
  5. CCNA SP
  6. CCNA video
  7. CCNA voice
  8. CCNA wireless

CCNA prerequisites: Well, any specified criteria for the exam isn’t directed by Cisco but once you crack the exam, you might go for a bachelor’s degree in Information Science, Computer Science Or any other engineering stream. This will help in achieving the selection in desired firm.

CCNA syllabus:

  • ICND1 comprises: IP services (ACLS, DHCP, NAT) &routing technology, LAN switchingtechnologies, IPv6 etc.
  • ICND2 involves the knowledge of: IP services likeFHRP, Syslog, SNMP, v2 & v3 & WAN technologiesadditionally
  • CCNA combined exam couples both ICND1 & 2 along with installation, operation &troubleshooting.

A few changes is being executed with ever developing technology which are:

  • Advanced design (subnetting + supernetting )
  • Education of DTP, HSRP, Etherchannel of associate level.
  • In deep experience of IPv6 + advanced troubleshooting

The preparatory materials and classes are available in both online and offline environment. Any of the two can be opted. The certification encourage you to enhance your communication skills, organizational skills, customer service skills and much more. It examines your potential to navigate with ever-changing IT- industry. You will be able to crack problems subjected to networking, IP services& connectivity, network security, automation and programmability. When Cisco verify you with mentioned skills, you can take your bright career to any specified ITprofession. Plenty of well established IT companies would prefer you to hire to achieve their market goals & values.

Course duration, fee:

The course takes 3 months to a year. The cost of CCNA examranges commonly from 150 USD to 325USD. In India, the fee is around ₹13,000. For more, you can check out our detailed explanation spoto CCNA costs. The highest cost is $325 for routing & switching, after certification of which, one can work in many IT sectors& MNCs for various types explained below.

The exam duration is 90 minutes. The paper has 60-70 questions of total 1000 marks. The passing marks borders between 750-850.

Incentives & job opportunities: a globally verified certification is a boon for your career. This will help in getting hired in many renowned firms of IT industries. One can work as an expert in following terms:

  1. Network administrator
  2. Network engineer
  3. Network & support technician
  4. System engineer
  5. Field engineer
  6. Network designer
  7. Network support executive
  8. Network optimizer
  9. Network planner
  10. Network implementer

Certificate validation & Indian IT Institutes offering the same:

The total duration of the course might be 1 month, 6 months or a year. You need not be from networking history for the same though 1 year of networking is appreciable. The validation period of CCNA certificate is 3- years after which, one can renew it via the same exam for re-certification or high level exams of professionals i.e., CCNP. The exam has changed itself with the developing IT sectors and their trends.

Many Indian techno Institute offer the course and the certification in both online and offline mode. The lists of organizations are given below:

  1. Ussoft, Annanagar
  2. CMS IT Training Institute, Andheri
  3. Sandgrouse
  4. Technocrats Institute
  5. IIHT India
  6. Reliable Network Technologies
  8. Siliconuniv
  10. Precognition Technologies Pvt Ltd

Henceforth, it’s considered to be of smart level afterwards one will be able to handle the challenges & it’s optimization easily.

Estimated salaries:

The syllabus of the exam is available on its site and on many sources The top earners who are CCNA certifiedearns approx. $125,000 annually or $10, 416 monthly. On an average, a CCNA certified engineer earns $7, 031 monthly i.e., $84, 376 annually. In Indian perspective, the salary ranges from 3.5-8 lacs per annum. Also, a hike is observed in the same after 1, 2 or 3 years of experience. So try to focus on experience instead of salary as a fresher.

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