How a Personalized Graduation Announcement Can Also Be a Keepsake

by James Martin

Graduation is a marker of growth. After spending years in school, it’s time to don that cap and gown and walk across the stage. Your years of hard work have finally paid off, and you can wear your gown with pride knowing you’ve done what you can to earn your accolades. It’s an accomplishment that is only celebrated a handful of times throughout someone’s life, and when you’ve received your grade reports and met the requirements to graduate, the next step you’ll want to take is to start thinking about your custom graduation announcements. But how can you guarantee that your announcements aren’t just ordinary cards with your photograph and that they can actually be keepsakes that you’ll want to look back on later in life? Here’s how you can make sure that your graduation announcement can also be a keepsake.

Make it a reflection of who you are at the given time.

If you want your personalized graduation announcement to be a keepsake, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a reflection of who you are at the time. Don’t just choose the first card template you see on Mixbook! Look through the different templates and remember that your grad announcement is something that you’ll keep forever. You only get a few chances at making these, so you’ll want to take the time to actually find the perfect graduation announcement to share your big news. Mixbook cards offer the best way to create personalized announcements where you can add custom foil text, school colors, and other greetings.

Choose a quote that shows a lesson you’ve learned.


When it comes to graduation announcements, people will often add a quote. This can be featured on the front as a simple phrase or saying, or it can be a longer quote in a smaller text. Just make sure that it’s something that truly resonates with you. Maybe that’s in the form of a funny joke or a poem from your favorite author at the time. When you choose something that’s meaningful to you, it makes it all the more special to look back on several years down the road. Mixbook has a card entitled “The Future Is Bright,” which is a great choice if that’s how you’re feeling about your graduation.

Add your favorite portrait that you’re proud to share.

Even if you’re not the type of person who would normally get portraits taken, this is a special occasion. A graduation is not a milestone that happens often. There’s your high school graduation, your college graduation, and maybe one or two more if you plan to pursue advanced degrees. But other than that, you won’t be celebrating these types of academic achievements often. You’re really only in school for so long, so make the most of it. Shell out the money to get professional portraits done and invest in images that your future self would enjoy as a keepsake.

Write a personal note about what you’re looking forward to in your next chapter of life.


While your graduation details are just as important, you may want to think about including a personal message or note. Perhaps you can make it about what you’re looking forward to pursuing in your next venture. If you’re graduating from high school, you might want to talk about your excitement to pursue your dream education or even a job opportunity. If you’re graduating from college, you can talk about what you’ve learned and how you’ll bring those lessons into actually pursuing your career or going to grad school.

This is your accomplishment. So, make sure that your announcement is a reflection of you as you achieve one of life’s biggest milestones!

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