How AI has Transformed Digital Marketing

by Kumar

Artificial intelligence brings digital marketing into a new dimension. He now seems able to keep his promise: send the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

AI Has Transformed Digital Marketing

A few months ago, the multinational Procter & Gamble (P & G) announced it wanted to reduce its advertising budget from 100 to 140 million dollars in 2017. A decision far from innocuous when we know that the group is the first global advertiser. Main argument advanced by its leader, a race for innovation and technology too rarely followed by the ROI. A decision that seems justified since it did not affect the sales of the group.

Yet, like P & G, many advertisers have chosen to revisit their digital marketing practices and strategies. 2018, like the previous years, is characterized by high growth expenditures. According to Statist, the market should even grow by 18% in 2018 to exceed $ 300 billion in 2019.

And artificial intelligence (AI) in all this will you say to me? Well its emergence coincides with the end of an era for digital marketing. No more strategies that rely on a constant presence, on all platforms, insinuating everywhere. By bringing intelligence, AI breaks the reign of intrusive advertising and opens the prospect of strategies that deliver value to each targeted person and maximized ROI for each advertiser.

An intelligence supplement

If the subject of AI is everywhere, many still talk about it in the future. Curious because, in the world of digital marketing, it is already a reality. This is for example the case with Rank Brain, developed and exploited by Google in the algorithm of its search engine. An algorithm based on AI, Rank Brain goes well beyond the chosen words, seeks to understand the intention of the user and deduces the most relevant pages, beyond their simple semantic dimension. Henceforth, it is the quality of the content that outweighs the keywords.

The growing emergence of AI underscores how much today marketing is built on perfect customer knowledge. Without data, nothing is possible. It is the sine qua non for being able to build consistent marketing strategies.

With digital marketing everything is now the opportunity to collect and exploit the “data”. By observing and memorizing the behaviors of each user, by listening to him or by exchanging with him the websites or on the social media. By sharing and aggregating the data to that of others to be able to better understand or deduce who the customers are and what their needs are.

In this context, the AI ​​brings a supplement of intelligence, soul and personalization. Its power of calculation, analysis and learning brings us closer to the needs of each client. He is able to really personalize the pages and offers, taking into account who is the customer, his need identified or anticipated, the “device” used. Better, with the AI, the marketer can imagine a personalized storytelling, able to create emotion and thus a proximity between the brand and its customer.

Artificial intelligence will have a more than positive impact on the customer experience

In a world where the customer is king, artificial intelligence will allow companies to create a better customer experience and improve the quality of their services:

– Catboats already provide customer relations on social media: their main advantage? Unlike customer advisors, these virtual assistants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But that’s not all. IA leverages incoming data to provide personalized service to users;

– From consumer behaviors to shopping trends to customers’ favorite sites and products, the AI ​​analyzes an incredible amount of data in just a few seconds to help marketers build an appropriate communication strategy and business strategy ;

– AI opens the way for augmented reality to allow users to touch the products that interest them. Objective: to encourage them to act more quickly. This is what the German car manufacturer BMW offers its customers with its application BMW I visualize: discover, explore the different models of cars as if they were really there.

Artificial intelligence will help marketers make predictions in the online market

Users leave traces when they interact on the web: no search, no click, no comment on social media escapes the radar of AI software that saves to the delight of marketers. It must be said that the data collected by these software is a valuable source. Thanks to them, the digital identity of the users is no longer a secret and the online behavior of the latter is nothing mysterious.

In other words, AI software is an analytic predictive tool of choice: with it, marketers can predict the behavior of prospects and customers, their needs, their journey, and they can even anticipate their actions. Many companies are already using predictive analytics powered by AI to learn about user trends.

No more search engine results powered by algorithms. As for traditional online marketing tools such as SEO, they are very likely to become obsolete. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketers will finally be able to spread their ads to the right audience, without breaking the bank.

In fact, some companies are already using the data provided by artificial intelligence to target consumers and sell them the products they are looking for. This is the case of the US supermarket company Target Corporation that excels in this strategy (it is even said that this company discovers teenage pregnancy before their parents!).

And encourage users to buy our products through image recognition

How? ‘Or’ What? Simply by displaying them on their screen. This is what visual search platforms like Pinterest and CamFind do. It’s all about displaying accurate image results with the best suggestions.

Returning to the example of CamFind, this mobile visual search engine allows users to obtain detailed product information by taking a picture of it. It impacts digital marketing by shortening the sales cycle and increasing the conversion rate.

You will understand, the idea is to arouse and exploit the interest of users for your products. Especially since the AI ​​is able to measure the enthusiasm of a user and trigger a timely conversion.

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