How Can Governments Be More Transparent Using IPTV Solutions?

by Glenn Maxwell

Governments usually look for ways to be more transparent with their citizens. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to use the services and platforms that your citizens use. If you are not into blogging on social media, you can try IPTV solutions. In this article, we will talk about how they can help in achieving transparency with the population.

Cable or satellite television has less functionality than IPTV. A government can benefit from its convenience. IPTV services give various opportunities both for authorities and the people.

For example, people are switching to IPTV/OTT solutions because they don’t have a schedule, can operate on many devices, and provide more varied video content. Companies create a video streaming service because it brings a lot of money and allows easy content delivery to many people.

So, how can IPTV solutions help governments be more open to the public?

See the following features of IPTV government can take advantage of:


VOD stands for Video-On-Demand. It is a helpful feature that differentiates IPTV from other content delivery methods. In this case, videos are pre-recorded and stored on a platform. Users can visit a website at any moment and watch videos. VOD excludes the possibility of schedules allowing viewers to decide when they are going to watch a particular movie or a show.

With cable or satellite TV, all the news is run at a certain time. If a viewer doesn’t manage to make it on time, everything they can do is read the news on some websites. But magazines tend to omit some information when publishing articles.

With IPTV services, you can save the videos and let people watch them later when they are free. Or they can watch the news from the last week or month if they want.

Rewind and catch-up

Adding more information to the previous abstract, we would like to tell you about rewind and catch-ups. These are also two great features the audience can appreciate.

Rewind helps viewers return a video to the beginning or any other point and start watching it. The feature is useful if a person missed half of the episode and wants to view it from the start or rewatch some scenes.

The catch-up feature offers the opportunity to record a video and watch it later. Many IPTV services offer that feature with some limitations. For example, a viewer cannot store the video forever. It will be available for several days.

Availability on many devices

While cable or satellite operates only on TV, IPTV services can be accessible on many devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Smart TVs. With that opportunity, people can watch the news on any device they have. They don’t need to invest in additional gadgets or buy a compatible TV. But they still can stay informed.

Availability on many devices also allows families to avoid arguments about who is going to be in charge of a TV or a laptop. Members can use the same service on different devices and watch what they want.

Chat and comments

Some IPTV solutions maintain the features of chats and comments. It allows people to communicate with each other and with the content creators. They can share their opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

Authorities can study these comments and understand the public mood. Moreover, they can answer people and connect with them. The authorities’ reputation can be boosted.


IPTV services provide many opportunities for being closer to society. They can be like social media services but without any competitors around. So, people can concentrate only on your video content. Also, the functionality to store videos can allow people to keep abreast of the latest news.

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