How Can You Increase The Value Of Your Credit Card Rewards?

by Glenn Maxwell

If you’re looking to get the most from your rewards from the best rewards program credit cards, Here are some methods provided by Uthrive that will assist you in getting maximum value from every purchase.

  • Make use of a variety of rewards cards. Select a bonus category reward card that provides a large proportion of cash back points or miles for your purchases the most often. Be sure to have a card with a flat rate. Utilize your bonus category credit card for purchases that will earn you more reward points, and then use the rewards card with a flat rate for all other purchases.
  • Utilize bonus offers for signing up for a credit card. They can provide significant rewards, often in the hundreds of dollars–if you spend a specific amount of money within a particular time.
  • Know which reward redemption options are most lucrative. If you own the possibility of a travel credit card, for instance, your rewards will likely be better when you book travel using the credit card issuer’s online booking platform.
  • Be aware of which reward redemption options are least beneficial. Exchange your rewards in gift cards is typically an option with a lower value than statement credits, travel purchases, or online shopping credit.

You might consider a mix of cards with the same redemption system, like Chase Ultimate Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, and Citi ThankYou Points. This will allow you to join the rewards that you earn with different credit cards and use them to make larger purchases or for redemption options.

The benefits and disadvantages of rewards credit cards

Does a rewards credit card worth the cost? It’s all dependent on whether you can utilize the rewards credit card with care, which means taking advantage of every reward you receive. Here are a few of the top tips that credit cards offer and their disadvantages:


  • Earn points, cash back, or miles for every purchase
  • Use those rewards to save money on possibilities like booking travel or statement credits, as well as credit for online shopping.
  • A lot of reward credit cards don’t have an annual fee.


  • You may be enticed to spend more than you are able to afford to maximize your reward points or sign-up bonuses.
  • Redeem your rewards to save money. Some methods of redemption offer lower value for your rewards.
  • The most lucrative rewards cards might be a cost per year or require excellent or excellent credit.

Should you consider the best rewards credit card?

If you’re planning to apply for credit cards, which is a wise choice. Because having the best rewards credit card can allow you to build credit and get more favorable terms for other financial products, such as mortgages — it’s recommended to get a reward credit card.

Why? Because when it comes to deciding between a card that has rewards and a credit card that doesn’t, selecting an option that doesn’t provide rewards is like putting funds on the table. There are a lot of excellent rewards cards that don’t charge an annual fee.

Team Uthrive is determined to offer you our services so that you will be able to utilize your credit card rewards wisely to get more benefits from your rewards. Contact us at Uthrive and feel free to ask any queries that bother you.

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