How difficult is it to study hospitality management?

by Glenn Maxwell

The field of hospitality brings to mind a career that is highly dynamic, exciting and opens the door for global opportunities. Students opt for this sector because of its popularity and stability but mostly they are enamoured by the fast-paced industry that is a far cry from the tedious 9-5 regime.

While all this is true and opting for a masters in hospitality management will accelerate your career ahead, you have to be prepared for the challenges that hospitality present. A holistic view of the industry will help you navigate through the vast landscape and ensure that you don’t succumb to any challenges.

Is hospitality difficult? 

Hospitality is a huge sector that is spread around all over the world. As per Global Market Report 2022, shared by Global Newswire, this industry is expected to reach global revenue of $6,715.27 billion in 2026.

Hence, a career in hospitality is a brilliant choice as it will bring you financial and professional success. Though being part of such a big sector is not all fun and games. It needs sincerity, discipline and a host of key skills that equip you with handling responsibilities.

Hospitality is not a 9-5 career which makes it extremely exciting but it also means that you don’t have a fixed shift. It becomes crucial that you adopt a flexible approach as you can be asked to come for night shifts or have to work on holidays.

While it may be a vacation season for others, for you it can mean an increased workload. The dynamic nature of the job also requires a proactive approach as you will face different people and situations in your work. All these factors have to be kept in consideration while you are opting for a career in hospitality.

The amount of hard work and skill-building required for hospitality is similar to that of another industry say- finance or management. Overall, it is not difficult to be a part of this profession as long you have a passion for it.

Why opt for hospitality? 

Studying hospitality can help build your career and make you competent for a variety of job roles. The best part about studying hospitality management is that the skills you gain from it are transferable. This means, they are equally applicable to other industries and can help you make a brilliant career in another sector like marketing or more.

Also, the hospitality industry does not limit your opportunities to a place but rather broadens your horizon. You can opt to work in any country of your choice as nearly every nation has a hospitality sector. Also, if you are keen then you can choose a different industry and build on your skills to pursue a different profession.

Most importantly, hospitality not only sharpens your professional prowess but significantly builds your personality too. The sector imbibes in you, expertise like excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to troubleshoot and think analytically.

You get to interact with so many different people and travel to new places that it also impacts your thought process and brings in cultural awareness. All in all, hospitality is an excellent choice for someone keen for exposure and has the willingness to work in a dynamic environment.

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