How do you choose bracelet?

by Carter Toni

Here are the most popular bracelets in fashion Right Now! 

Everyone should have at least one bracelet, but if you are a fashionista, wear six or more on one of your wrists. That makes a statement! It shows your sparkling individuality and that you do not follow the crowd. The crowd follows you.

Bracelets are always a popular jewelry item to compliment your look. Every woman should have different kinds of bracelets to match every different style that she chooses to enrich her day.

Let us look at some popular energy bracelets:

1. Evil eye bracelet visit here

Yes, the evil eye bracelet! I am sure we all know this one. It does not mean you have an evil eye. It is in fact to protect you from the evil eyes of people who might be jealous of your fashion style your beauty or your panache. The history of the evil eye bracelet comes from ancient times. It is believed to ward off evil eyes or spirits and is a talisman that protects the person wearing it. This beautiful blue and white circular or oval eye-shaped object is a fashion accessory that can be worn around your neck, on a bracelet, as earrings, or any  other kind of jewelry. It can match your cheeky or your serious fashion style.

2. Red bracelet (check here)

A red bracelet also wards of misfortune and is similar to the “evil eye”. Wear your red bracelet along with all the colors of the rainbow and make your wrist a vibrant and attractive attention grabber. A red bracelet has been worn throughout history. It is a favorite for many different philosophies, including sincere faith, protection, good luck, strength, and connection.

Your friends will want to know where they can get theirs, and will ask

it’s meaning!

3. Chakra bracelet

Have you ever heard of a Chakra bracelet? A chakra bracelet is beautiful and is made up of a variety of colors. Each color responds to an area in your body and helps your body to heal and be positive in that area. Most of life’s problems are brought about due to some area of your body being out of balance, and it generates negative feelings. Chakra bracelets are believed to balance these areas that are out of balance, and it promotes feelings of health and happiness. Isn’t that a perfect gift to give a friend or loved one? It shows them how deeply you care about them and their inner well-being. Your root chakra is red, your sacral chakra is orange, your solar plexus chakra is yellow, your heart chakra is green, your throat chakra is blue, your third eye chakra is indigo, and your crown chakra is purple.

These beautiful colors on a bracelet or bracelets, or necklaces make your

inner light shine!

4. Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye comes in shades of reddish-brown due to the iron ore in the metamorphic rock from which it is made. Tiger’s Eye is said to give inner strength and confidence to the person who wears it. These beautiful Tiger’s Eye bracelets can be worn by all sexes. It is the perfect accessory with brown shoes and a brown bag, or any other color in today’s colorful styles! The Tiger’s Eye stone is named after the beautiful, majestic tiger that harnesses inner strength and does not hide from danger but faces it head-on. The Tiger’s Eye is believed to harness the healing power of the sun, balance toxic emotions, and create mental strength.

In this world we definitely all need some of  that power! 

5. Mala bracelet

Mala beads were created thousands of years ago for people to wear while praying. Mala beads are a type of rosary. You use the beads around the Mala bracelet to count mantras. A mantra is a type of devotional message that is repeated over and over to bring about a state of calm and reverence. Mala beads are not specific to any religion, and people of any religion can wear them while in contemplation or prayer. Mala beads can be made from seeds or rounded wooden beads to match your particular style. Mala beads have even become fashionable for everyday wear and can be made from beautiful semi-precious stones like amethysts or turquoise.

6. Lava rock bracelet

When you are thinking about healing stones from nature, lava rock bracelets are one of the most popular. Lava rock bracelets are believed to give emotional support and help relieve stress. Lava rock is one of the most ancient rocks that can be found on the planet and its vibration is closely connected to the root chakra. The root chakra is your base chakra and where your senses of survival and energy are stored.

Now that you know the benefits and fashionable colors and ancient history of these bracelets, it is time to choose and buy your very own. Enjoy being fashionable, protected, and healed while introducing something new to your friends and family!

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