How Much Does it Cost to Create 3D Models?

by Carter Toni

If a developer is planning to create a product in alternate reality format or in a 3D solution, his first step in any case will be the development of a three-dimensional model of product. Before understand how much the buyer will need to shell out money for such work and how much a developer may require, it is necessary to understand what a 3D model is.

Features and essence of the three-dimensional model

A 3D product is understood as the creation of a model using digital or natural tools with its three specified coordinates – width, length and height. Until the time when virtual tools for working with three-dimensional models appeared, they were made by hand from metal, plaster, plastic, foam, wood and other types of materials that amenable to processing. These prototypes of objects could perform a variety of tasks: play, souvenir, presentation and others.

If we talk about a modern, digital model, then it is a follower of natural models, adopting key principles of development from it. The only difference is that its features are transmitted through graphics, as well as detailing of elements, the use of CAD and display methods – in animation or in a format of statistics.

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Prices for 3D models and their reduction

Typically, the cost of work in the field of 3D modeling depends upon the complicacy of work, as well as the quality of the requested project. Price is also influenced by the tools used, as well as an artist with whom the collaboration is conducted. Sometimes, you have to involve additional specialists – web designers, programmers.

If we talk about the standard 3d model price, then a simple product will cost on average from 40 up to 200 dollars, medium complexity product’s cost will vary between 200-1000 dollars, and very complex ones can be sold for several thousand dollars. Moreover, mega-complex projects can be sold for millions of dollars, especially if the web product has the potential to sell it to a global audience.

Factors determining the cost of a 3D model

Every pixel on the screen of the 3D creator is worth money. This can be understood if we consider the product from the point of view of intellectual property. And we also connect the functionality of the finished product to this, which will not be complete without a single slightest detail. Let’s see what else affects the cost of a 3D product:

  1. Typically, the development of a 3D model takes weeks to months. If the customer asks to do the work for knocking, then it is clear that this will be an impossible task. No amount of money will be able to resolve the issue. To understand what the approximate final amount will be, it is necessary to initially discuss the terms of reference. This will allow the designer to roughly determine the time it will take to complete the job. According to the control schedule, he will be able to calculate his salary.
  2. Complexity of the job. This is an essential criterion for determining the price of a three-dimensional product. Everything is logical here: the higher the level of difficulty, the more expensive the project will cost. If TR, cases or briefs are used in the process, then this will greatly simplify the task of the performer.
  3. If this is a simple object with a minimum of additional elements and parts, the cost will be lower than for a task with a bunch of additional parts.
  4. Level of complexity of the project. If the object has a lot of polygons, it will be more expensive. The cost depends on how much power you have to squeeze out of the professional “hardware”.
  5. Number of performers. The price increases if more than one specialist will work on the project, but several. There are jobs that require the talents and skills of different specialists.

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