How Process Discovery Drives Automation ROI for Businesses?

by Sean Dixon

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Intro – what is process discovery?

Process Discovery is a crucial tool for operational business processes to boost their efficiency & drive better outcomes. It plays an essential role in commercial development & growth via multiple channels. One of these avenues is Automation ROI (Return on Investment) for businesses using intelligent process discovery. Let us explore what this all entails and how to maximize such favorable outcomes by harnessing process discovery’s full potential. Here comes automated business process discovery, along with process discovery rpa.

Automation ROI – features

Automation ROI consists of Savings divided by Investment, of which savings are acquired by substituting manual tests with automated ones. On the other hand, investment is spent on creating future automation pipelines. These rely on process discovery methods & business process discovery.

Maximizing ROI focuses on empirical data-based commercial process maps that guide enterprises on their Automation journey – from value creation to realization. Business process maps utilize user keystrokes, entail entire process exceptions & variations, providing visibility plus options to scale. This empowers automation programs and propels time to scale to realize profits, thanks to lower initiation costs. This is a step up above process mining, as it is more versatile & enables robust insights. Process discovery software augments this framework.

How does Process Discovery drive Automation ROI?

– Increased automation speed thanks to quicker deployment

– Wider process selection, as process discovery captures all user interaction processes

– Hyper Automation: bot building over exponential chains with an integrated digitalization

Exploring these in further detail

Increased speed of automation (due to faster deployment)

Broader process selection since process discovery captures virtually any process requiring user interactions for the betterment

Hyper Automation, that is, bots building bots in an ever-accelerating chain.

Quicker automation

Conventional manual process discovery & documentation expend valuable time as interviews are inefficient. Instead, project-based RPA with process discovery captures all pertinent data quickly.

Broader automation

Instead of selecting a smaller sample size to save time, keep a large data pool for accurate statistical analysis for automation. The result? Well, all items can be tested at record speed, curbing deviation & variance! In addition, now all activities & opportunities can be tracked, as well as prioritized accordingly.

Hyper automation

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & RPA combined with process discovery provide a robust framework for identifying the tasks that matter, drawing intelligent insights from them. This continuous cycle ensures deep learning analysis, promoting operational efficiency & excellence. Digital transformation, here we come! Now only task-level data & blueprint ROI are filtered for ultimate relevance plus easy reference. See only what you need and when it is required. To put – it is a stride in how data is handled & processed by deploying business process discovery software.

Edge Verve’s AssistEdge – an automation paradise?

As one of the leading process discovery tools, AssistEdge offers:

– Smart Data Capture: granular process captures via computer vision & key-stroke logs

– Interactive Process Visualization: savvy process maps for accurate visualization of design, pattern processes & variations

– One-click Export Automation: Downloads process maps as design documents or exports to automation with one click

– Automation Blueprint: transforms process & task-level data into deep business insights and generates an automation blueprint

– Automation Prioritization: Identifies & prioritizes apt processes for automation via automation indicators, priority matrix & smart funnel

– Enterprise-grade Security: Drives data encryption & minimization to comply with GDPR. Offers screenshot redaction plus role-based access control

What does the future hold for Process Discovery & Automation ROI?

As businesses become increasingly aware of the potential benefits of Process Discovery & how it propels Automation ROI, its adoption is expected to rise – but at what rate? Exponentially may be an understatement, so let us say exponentially exponential then, shall we? Furthermore, it will enable many small to medium-sized businesses to drive efficiencies by reinvesting cost savings and boosting Automation ROI. Deeper insights into data pathways will become the norm, while a consensus of scalable testing to an infinite level can ensue.

Many exciting prospects were coming our way soon then! As if that was not enough, there is even more to look forward to. Any guesses? Well, it is the pleasing prospect of data intelligence & its ability to create intuitive decision-making models during process discovery operations. In other words, whatever insights can be drawn from process discovery are set to revolutionize the way businesses operate & handle their revenue. AI & ML play a large part in this.


Are you feeling overwhelmed? I certainly am for one! Process Discovery will drive automation ROI from a commercial & developmental perspective. Additionally, this strategy will redefine how commercial hubs deploy data science to manage their investments tactfully for the overall betterment & sustainability of workforces, as well as operations. Now we can all observe & admire the marvels of process discovery & its stellar effect on Automation ROI performance.

With increased speed, hyper-automation & a broader scope of application, it is only a matter of time before we witness an evolutionary change in the way businesses link their data process management with operational business processes & budgeting. Then see just how versatile such digital transformation can be when it comes to serving operational aspects & reforming our entire process landscape.

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