How Should CBD Be Marketed in My Company’s Call Center?

by Carter Toni

One way that you can market your burgeoning cannabidiol business is by using a call center. These centers are a terrific way to handle multiple incoming queries about your product for interested parties.

For CBD businesses, there are call center tools and various methods that you can use to market your merchandise to customers. We’ll dig through a few of these methods below.

Call Center Software

Call Center Software

When you set up a CBD product business, you want to find the best ways to market your wares. You’re providing customers with the best in cannabinoid products, and there are so many potential buyers who exist now due to the popularity of CBD products. One of the ways that you can maximize your business’s potential of reaching these buyers is by setting up a call center. This will increase your ability to handle the deluge of phone calls about the CBD topical lotions and cannabinoid essential oils that your store specializes in selling.

A contact center is a great way to market your CBD product to interested parties. You should further investigate this option by investing in a contact center software solution such as Bright Pattern call center technology. Such cloud contact center technology comes with a wide variety of technological innovations that will help you to market your wares to customers. Some of the functions that are included with this contact center software include interactive voice response, intelligent routing, omnichannel routing, webchat, callback options, front-line efficiency, and automatic ticket creation.

Through a variety of channels, your call center agents can use this workforce management technology to help them spread the word about your cannabidiol goods. They might focus on discounts or different varieties of CBD products that you have. Without the aid of call center software, the marketing of such products goes no further than your company. If you want to effectively market your wares to CBD lovers across the United States, then invest in call center software.

Variety & Different Uses


There’s a phrase that states, “Variety is the spice of life.” Nowhere is this truer than in the cannabinoid industry. CBD comes in a variety of forms for several different uses. This gives your contact center agents yet another marketing tool to add to their arsenal. Many potential CBD users will want such variety.

Call center agents can speak at length about CBD topicals, cannabinoid capsules, and CBD essential oils that your company offers. Having a customer service agent who can expound on the Medterra products that a caller has a Medterra coupon for will also help with marketing your wares. Having well-versed customer service teams who can answer questions about your stock of products will help your company overall.

Before hitting the checkout area of your website to purchase a cannabidiol item, a customer will probably contact your contact center for information about your library of selections. This is where a call center agent can provide more information on the variety of CBD products that is available. These employees will help with marketing your wares to new customers, providing callers with a better customer experience overall.


When you contact the customer service department of your favorite CBD retailer, sometimes you’re looking for a discount. Giving a customer a chance to save money on CBD gummies or cannabinoid topicals is a fantastic way to keep them coming back for more. Your call center agents can provide such discount opportunities to your callers. This provides them with an opportunity to build a rapport with the caller. A small business could benefit from taking such a step, as it helps to raise the profile of the company amongst potential shoppers. Giving discounts is a wonderful way to supply a better customer experience for CBD lovers.

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