How Technology Is Changing Underground Mining Operations

by Carter Toni

Underground mining has given everyone the basic minerals humans need to construct economic environments and societies for hundreds of years. But the world is changing significantly today, thanks to firms like Newtrax as underground mining activities are becoming safer, more productive, and more sustainable.

When combined with supervision and conceptual improvements, digital technology is resulting in significant operational gains. The newest mining technology developments point to a significant industry move towards sustainable practices.

Modern technology is working harder than ever before to produce a genuinely efficient, secure, and fruitful mine that meets the booming market for mined commodities while also surpassing consumer expectations and contributing to global environmental goals.

Geo-spacial Data And Mining

Because of geospatial data, underground mining is undergoing an exciting transformation. Data about the environment is getting more clear and precise than ever before. 3-D modeling produces a visible, lifelike representation with depth awareness, allowing the human brain to comprehend and react to complicated linked challenges. Underground mining companies benefit from 3D modeling because it allows them to more effectively reimagine the mining.

Virtual Reality is a virtualization technology that is built artificially and utilizes real-world data. People are immersed in a user-created 3-D world in the virtual environment. Virtual reality gives miners a better idea of what it’s like to operate in a mine or develop a new mine without having to go out into the field.

A computer representation is superimposed over a real-world environment in Augmented Reality (AR). It is achieved by augmenting the user’s field of view with computer-generated input variables like audio, video, apps, and graphic elements. Miners utilize virtual simulations to learn with augmented reality, which helps the sector save money on maintenance operations.

Optimized Maintenance

Underground mines may now do upkeeps as required instead of on a set timetable due to technological advancements. Sensing instruments and advanced analytics are being utilized by businesses to undertake predictive analysis in extremely large (20-ton) heat exchangers.

The model predicted when the exchangers would fail, allowing maintenance to be reduced from every 60 days to every 150 to 200 days. Given a large number of heat exchangers, the cost reductions were significant.

Technology can also aid maintenance employees. Workers in charge of pumps may now carry a phone or tablet that tracks their whereabouts and the assets they are working on. The program may indicate an order form and the stages that must be completed to finish the work, as well as keep bringing up the stock’s repair work history.

The Future

New operating elements will be integrated into the underground digital mine, boosting safety, profitability, and performance. Complete transparency and control throughout operations will be required to achieve optimal mining performance.

To guarantee that data from across the whole fleet is available all the time, in formats that are suited to specific functions, seamless integrated digital systems are necessary. The upcoming mining employees will be one that adopts the digitalization agenda with ease. If mining firms want to recruit and keep the next generation of technologically literate people while still protecting their operating license, they must embrace innovation and work with a reputable technology vendor.

Final Words

The capacity to retrieve information in a short period of time allows the mining operation to have a better understanding of how their people, machinery, and surroundings are employed and how well they are operating.

Both the danger of injuries or fatalities, as well as capital losses, may be avoided with devices built expressly for underground mining employees. The mining industry can save money, enhance production, and improve worker safety by incorporating technological innovation into its processes.

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