How to assess driver behavior using the Fleet Dashcams

by Carter Toni

Dash cams are an excellent tool for fleet managers to ensure the safety of vehicles and drivers using real-time monitoring. Driver safety is of utmost importance for fleet managers for the smooth operation of vehicles and consignments. It is mandatory for the fleet operators to ensure safety, improve productivity and create a reputation for the organization, to achieve this fleet dashcam helps in major aspects. As everyone can understand it is difficult to monitor 24/7 drivers when they are active at work and practically not possible to manage the driver’s behavior, so with the aid of fleet dashcams this can be achieved.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how fleet dashcams helps fleet operators to improve safety and how it works.

How Fleet dashcam works

The fleet dashcam is a dual cam that is fixed on the vehicle’s driver cabin to monitor the driver’s behavior and its rear camera monitor the road view of the vehicle. Both the camera is streamed live on the software application and fleet management software can monitor the vehicle movement along with driver behaviour monitoring using the installed dash cam on vehicle tracking system.

With the dashcam the fleet operators can track the vehicle speed, braking details, and other vital information from the telematics devices from dashcam. The safety of drivers can be monitored using the cabin view camera from dashcam to view the driver’s drowsiness, distraction of driver along with any activities done by the driver while driving the vehicle.

One of the major reasons for road accidents in the logistics industry is because of driver’s distraction while driving, to improve the driving experience and training drivers can be done with the aid of dashcam recordings.

The fleet dashcams can detect various aspects of driver from the cabin view:

  1. Attending phone calls while driving
  2. Smoking (if driver smokes inside cabin)
  3. Driver drowsiness (Yawning)
  4. Tiredness of driver (In case if fatigue issues)
  5. Driver eating and drinking inside the cabin
  6. Not focussing on road side

The fleet dash cam detects the above mentioned driver behaviour, if in case, the driver can be alerted with the recorded videos so that, the driver can improve the performance and make necessary changes to improve the safety. Even after he is continuing similar behaviour, then the fleet operators can provide sufficient training to ensure the driver safety along with fleet operational safety measures for the betterment of organisational goals.

Fleet Dashcam ensures safety

Whenever any incidents happens most of the time, we get only half information, that too only through verbal and recorded documentation. Fleet operators need to set up the safety standards to improve both fleet safety and driver safety. On creating the safety culture in the fleet operation process sets the clear expectations from the drivers, clear monitoring using the fleet dashcam with gps will improve the safety standards with regular training, best performing drivers can be incentivised for maintaining the safety checks.

For fleet operators, the fleet dashcam may bring extra financial burdens but it brings changes and improves safety process of the organisation. It will help to identity the best performing drivers, driver who need to be tracked and monitored to improve their safety performance. In all way, the fleet dashcam is supporting to improve the safety of vehicles, drivers and consignment.

Benefits of using dash cams for fleet operators

In most of the logistics organisations, fleet operators provide the necessary coaching to the drivers and ensure the drivers follow all the safety protocols for smooth operation of the business. But most of the occasions they never know what they end from the driver’s end, they will come to know only after the incidents occur.

On installing the fleet dash cam, the fleet operators can track and monitor real time, to list a few:

  1. Improve parking of vehicles using dash cams
  2. Preventing the collisions from the rear end
  3. Reducing the aggressive driving by driver
  4. Vehicle breakdown situations
  5. Avoiding collision during intersections

So to conclude, installing the fleet dashcam will bring wonders to the logistics industry as it ensures the safety parameters on all sectors be it vehicle, driver, customer consignment it improves with camera recordings and footages. The fleet dashcam technology is revolutionizing the fleet operation process and makes the life of fleet manager simplified as he knows the entire trip details in recordings.

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