How To Build Trust with Your Dog

by Carter Toni

Many people get a dog in hopes of them becoming new best friends – and why wouldn’t they? The adverts, stories, and movies all show that a dog really is a man’s best friend, but what if it is not as easy as it looks?

Well, thankfully, most dogs do want to be your friend. They want to trust you and feel safe with you. However, for whatever reason, some may need a little more encouragement and patience than others might.

If you are wondering how you can effectively build trust with your or someone else’s dog, stick around to find out more!

Patience is a Virtue

It can be particularly difficult to be patient sometimes when we want our dog to behave how we desire, but it is also a crucial aspect to trust and something that should never be skipped. Forcing your dog to do something they are unhappy with will only make them withdraw from you further andcan make matters in trust much worse. Being patient when your dog is showing signs of misbehavior is the number one rule when it comes to building trust. Dogs can be scared, upset, or irritable for many reasons, and they have limited means of communicating this to you. Dogs in heat, for example, will bleed and leave bloodstains around the house when they are in heat. In addition, they will have a tendency to urinate a lot more frequently. They are suffering from emotional depression due to physical changes. It will take you a little while to learn what to do with the dog in heat, in order to de-stress your dog and deal with clutter in the house. Be patient, and your dog should start to understand quickly that you are not a threat and that they can be safe around you if something else feels like it could be.

Take Time to Bond

Bonding is an important part of every relationship between humans and dogs and is the fastest means of building up trust.

You should aim to spend as much quality time together with your dog as possible and include plenty of games focused on enrichment. You can also implement trust-building exercises into your daily routine.

A controlled and safe environment can also allow your dog to explore by themselves and have the freedom they need too. You can use technology such as an invisible dog fence, so you are aware of where they are and if they are safe, all while they have the freedom to be out in the open.

Understand Their Body Language

Body language can tell a lot about how both people and animals are feeling in any given situation, but animals are not afforded the luxury of expressing how they feel in a more concise manner. This is why it is crucial, as a dog owner, that you make sure you put in the effort to understand your dog’s body languageand what it means when your dog does or does not do something. If you are able to do this, you can pick up on cues that your dog might be unhappy about being picked up, for example, or perhaps they are uncomfortable around a specific person, object, or situation. Picking up on your dog’s body language changes in different environments or around different people means you can intervene or you can help desensitize them to their fears.

Now you know how to build trust with your dog.

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