How to calculate your BMI?

by Carter Toni

Being fit is something that everyone cares about. But do you think that is quite easier to work on?

Surely not for all.

And that is the same reason we are here with the perfect help for you. Working on your health was not so easy before. Do you know what is the ideal weight for each of us?

We will help you in knowing more about your body and will also provide you with absolute information about BMI so that you could better understand it. People can now easily get to know about their BMI and can work on their health accordingly.

What is BMI?

BMI is an acronym being used for Body Mass Index. It is a quantity that is being derived from a mathematical formula. This mathematical formula was invented by a Belgian mathematician in the 19th century and was named further by AdolpheQuetelet.

BMI is being used by dieticians and nutritionists or other health professionals for calculating body fat. Higher BMI simply means high body fatness whereas lower BMI means low body fatness.

BMI helps in screening the weight categories so that one could easily work on the different health problems successfully. Before going further, we would like to figure out one thing here that BMI does not diagnose the body fatness of a person nor is it related to the health of an individual.

BMI is usually being presented in the form of a graph that includes different information related to the body mass.

Why calculate BMI?

BMI is often being calculated as an obesity prevention factor. The number is being derived by calculating the weight and the height of a person. The tool is quite helpful as it helps in accessing a fairly reliable indicator of body mass.

The reasons behind the BMI calculation might be multiple. One can make use of it for retaining a healthy lifestyle or it can be used for collecting information about different health issues. The results of BMI helps people in estimating the perfect balance between your weight and your height.

It is the perfect way to know where you stand among the different intervals of body mass index graphs.  The information thus gained can be used for implementing the improvements towards a healthy life.

How to calculate BMI?

Do you want to know how to calculate your BMI? Body Mass Index is usually being calculated by using the formula Kg/m². You have to multiply the height in meters here with weight squared. For retaining a healthy lifestyle one should need to interpret their BMI. Before leading further, we would like to clarify here that BMI is being calculated between 18 to 65 years. Moreover, BMI is not applicable also for an old person or a pregnant woman as well. One another thing that you need to make note of is that the BMI calculations are different for women and men. So, while calculating yours just consider the things that relate to you.

What is a perfect BMI?

It is quite necessary to understand what is the perfect BMI of a person. The World Health Organization has set up a defined threshold. You can go through this and can interpret the result conveniently.

Result < 16.5: Undernutrition

Result 16.5 to 18.5: Underweight

Result 18.5 to 24.9: Normal weight

Result 25 to 29.9: Overweight

Result 30 to 34.9: Moderate obesity

Result 35 to 39.9: Severe obesity

The result above 40: Morbid or massive obesity

The exact interpretation of the BMI depends upon the different factors such as age, geographical area, medical history, and much more. So, before leading further with any things, one should need to take advice from a professional and then need to work accordingly.

If your BMI is not in the range, the chances are quite higher that one may face different health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or immune deficiency, etc.

How often should one need to calculate their BMI?

Weight gain or weight loss are bit longer processes. So, it is regardless of calculating the same every day or every week. Once your weight is stable, you can calculate your BMI once a year as well. BMI serves to be a greater factor about knowing about a body shape perfectly.

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