How to Choose the Perfect Chest of Drawers?

by James Martin


A chest of drawers is one of the best storage solutions for different needs. It provides an essential complement to the wardrobe. You can easily use it to keep your socks and undies perfectly organized as well as also ideal for keeping leggings, vests, and jumpers. Along with this, a stylish chest of drawers also adds a stunning focal point to where there are built in wardrobes and few other furnishings. The top of the drawers is best to display pictures and to keep some small dishes for placing the jewelry, coins and keys. You may decide to tuck your drawers into a corner, helping you to squeeze even a last inch of storage out of a room. Here we are going to discuss some essential factors that you must consider while selecting the perfect chest of drawers in order to cater for your storage needs:

  • Size

The very first consideration for your chest of drawers from La Maison is the size that you require. In a tiny room, it would be best to look for a tall slim chest that is not going to stick out far from the wall. Along with this, slim chests can also be quite narrow. So, check the width and ensure that, it is suitable for what you want to put in the drawers. There is a great need to look at the depth of the drawers for the storage of jumpers because shallow drawers won’t be suitable.

There is a great need to know that, the low chest of drawers is an attractive option especially for the older children and adults. These drawers don’t take much wall space that means you can easily place shelves and shelving units above. If you still feel any confusion, read more to avoid any misunderstanding.  They will also be wider than a regular chest, making them ideal for other larger or bulkier items.

Before you are going to purchase your drawers, it would be best to measure the floor space to you and make sure there’s plenty of room to walk. Remember that, you’ll walking around your room in the dark- leave the plenty of space.

  • Features

Some chests come with extra features that are really useful in a busy house. For example, as compared to legs, these drawers can feature castors making it easier to move them around while cleaning the room. Other chests come with the glass top- an excellent idea for keeping them from getting scratched. However, the glass top is fixed rarely.  So, avoid these in a child’s room. Along with this, the glass is sometimes placed on tiny pads in order to keep it in position.

  • Style

You may want to look around your room at other furniture and try to match your drawers as closely as possible. Moreover, you can also decide on a different style as something of a statement piece. Some of the styles work well regardless of other furniture– these are the plain and simple designs that are neither overly modern nor traditional.

·       Material

Plenty of different materials are available to choose from and some considerations that go beyond taste. First, if there is need of a wooden chest of drawers, you have the option of laminate and solid wood. Solid wood is little pricier but naturally last you far longer.

In terms of a small room, mirrored drawers look less imposing as they reflect what is around them. Avoid them in a child’s room as you find yourself wiping away smudgy finger marks. However, a high gloss set of drawers is far better, offering a clean surface that will look good even if it’s not impeccable.

  • Budget Solutions

If you are on a tight budget, it’s would be best to go for a low-cost chest of drawers. you can also select the one that is in the sale. All you have to do is, just sort the items on the website you are viewing with the lowest price.


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