How To Consistently Submit Quality Assignments

by Robert Johnson

Assignments are an essential part of online courses and have to be completed as per the details given by instructors. These can be lengthy written assignments or shorter essays or multiple choice problem sets handed out to test a student’s understanding of the course material. There are many mistakes online students make which contribute to poor grades being earned across the semester, but there are a few tips which, if followed, can turn one’s transcript around and make them a better student.

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Check in with instructors – Before starting, discuss the assignment in detail with your instructor to ensure that you understand how it has to be structured and presented. If you have doubts about research sources, referencing methods and submission formats, then clear everything up with the professor before getting started. Preparing in advance for every assignment will help you manage unforeseen circumstances and also stay ahead of schedule.

Avoid procrastination – Without face to face interaction with professors on a regular basis it is easy to lose track of things. Instead of worrying about how and where to search for research materials for lengthy assignments, break each segment of the assignment into manageable chunks so that nothing gets past you. Focus on short tasks to keep up with the workflow. Procrastination is the worst thing that can happen during an online class, because it ruins your motivation and nearly guarantees mediocre grades.

Organize a schedule – Make a schedule for every assignment, small and large, and stick to it. Make friends with other people in the class and chat with them over discussion forums or email them to keep yourself motivated. When assignments are completed before schedule they can be checked for consistency and quality before final submission.

Discover your productivity –Every individual has his/her most productive hours of the day and when you work during those periods the results are better than other times. Once you identify the most productive time blocs, concentrate on writing your assignments then because this is when everything is going to be produced at its best.

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