How To Convert Vhs To DVD Without VCR!

by Glenn Maxwell

The days are gone whenever we used individuals big VHS cassettes to record our lovely moments. Because of digitalization, we don’t need to use them now, and you will find many storage devices for example DVDs rule the planet.

And if you wish to meet up with them, it’s also wise to stop using VHS because they take much space and aren’t suitable for the video players apart from VCRs.

However, a lot of you may have your precious recollections in individuals VHS cassettes, and also you cannot cope with losing them. For your, you have to convert your VHS to DVD or other format by which they’ll last lengthy.

However, a VCR is essential if you wish to do this easily, however if you simply do not have any working VCR along with you. Here i am to reply to your question on converting VHS to DVD without VCR with probably the most helpful and dealing ways.

Make use of a VHS-DVD recorder.

The simplest and cheaper method to convert VHS tapes to DVD is by using a VHS-DVD recorder that you have somewhere inside your attic room. Listed here are the steps you need to follow for your.

Step One: Connect your DVD recorder and insert the VHS you need to copy in it. Also, insert an empty DVD in to the recorder you need to save individuals tracks.

Step Two: Look for the play button around the VHS side from the recorder and begin playing it. Similarly, you need to record it in your DVD, so press the record button around the DVD side.

Make use of a VHS camera for conversion.

If you’ve still got your old VHS camera working, you’d be pleased to know that you could convert your VHS tracks right into a DVD utilizing it. Listed here are the steps you need to follow to transform your VHS to DVD utilizing a camera:

Step One: Test out your VHS camera by inserting the VHS tape and find out if it is working or otherwise. You may also try connecting your camera for your TV while using RCA connections to check that camera.

Step Two: Knowing that the VHS camera is working correctly and may take part in the tape, disconnect your camera in the TV, make use of a video capture card, and fasten it towards the VHS camera. The recording capture card have a USB outlet somewhere, that you’ve to plug to your computer.

Step Three: After plugging within the video capture card, it can save you your VHS tracks in your computer’s hard disk drive. Furthermore, these video capture cards include software to help you edit and clip the videos.

Step Four: Lastly, insert a DVD to your PC and save the tracks in it.

Make use of a conversion service.

Should you not know, there are plenty of VHS to DVD conversion services available, and there can be one out of your locality. Searching on their behalf on the web and send them your VCR cassettes.

They’ll give back back your cassettes and also the DVDs which they’ve added your computer data. It’s convenient and less expensive than when compared with purchasing a VHS for individuals 4-5 VHS cassettes. However, when the tracks are extremely responsive to be delivered to someone, look for other ideas below to get it done yourself.


They were the methods for you to convert your old and decomposing VHS tapes to DVD which too with no VCR. Lots of people state that it’s impossible to transform these tapes with no VCR, but it isn’t true you will find multiple ways it can be done as pointed out on this web site. Hopefully that you’ll try these ideas at your house . and we’re sure they are effective.

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