How to design a logo

by Carter Toni

design a logo

A logo is just a necessary attribute, both for a large global company and for a brand that has just started building its business. The logo is the face of any brand and in most cases the consumer pays attention to it. In addition, the logo actively promotes goods or services on the market and distinguishes brands from each other.

Often it is the logo that becomes the main attribute of advertising companies and is placed on various advertising platforms, as well as business cards or banners. At the same time, it should attract the attention of consumers, be bright and noticeable, and also differ favorably from the logos of competitors.

The logo performs many functions and tasks. The main functions of the logo include:

1) Protection and differences from competitors

The logo allows you to protect the company and its products from various competitors, as well as connections with low-quality products that can be produced by competing brands. At the same time, it allows the user to distinguish the products of certain companies.

2) Quality assurance

Users who see the brand logo can be sure that this product is really of high quality and fully meets the requirements that the company imposes on it.

3) Attractiveness

The aesthetic appeal of the logo increases the value of products, while interesting and memorable logos can increase the number of sales several times, which will ultimately affect the company’s final profit.

4) Advertising function

It is the logo that in most cases advertises the brand, as well as various goods and services. It becomes a part of all advertising companies and further allows you to promote other products of the company, as well as contributes to increased brand awareness and popularity.


There are quite a lot of ways to create logos. The main thing when creating a logo is to take into account modern trends that make the logo the most attractive and memorable, and also distinguish it favorably from the logos of competitors. At the same time, as the brand grows, it is necessary to rebrand, in which it is necessary to modernize the logo taking into account the development and expansion of the brand. The main ways to create a logo include:

1) Draw or create a logo yourself

This method will be an ideal option for various creative studios. Such a logo will show the brand’s creative approach to performing any tasks, which will clearly appeal to most consumers. The advantages of this method can also include uniqueness and cost-effectiveness.

It will be difficult to repeat such a logo to competitors, and to create a logo you will not have to hire professional designers, as well as contact various companies that perform this work.

2) Ordering a logo from freelance designers or professional firms

This method of creating a logo is mainly chosen by large global companies that have sufficient capital to turn to the best specialists. This process is quite lengthy, as well as financially costly, since it will be necessary to pay for the services of a number of specialists.

At the same time, the main task of such companies and designers is solely to deliver the work and receive the final profit. Basically, they are not interested in the development and history of the brand, but it should be pointed out that at the initial stage several trial versions will be offered, the best of which will be further refined until the result fully meets the customer’s requirements.

3) Creating a logo in online logo constructors

The most interesting way to create a logo is to use a free logo maker and save a lot of money on its creation.. The advantages of this method include the fact that it takes into account all modern trends in creating logos and you can view a large number of options in one evening.

This method of creating a logo is suitable for absolutely all brands, while it does not require special skills from the owners of the company that are required to create logos. You can choose the most interesting options, which in the future can be finalized independently or with the help of designers, but this service will already cost many times less, since they will not have to come up with a logo design on their own.


Creating an exclusive logo is quite difficult and at the same time very simple. You can create it yourself and at the same time save a certain amount of money, which is very important at the initial stage of business development. When creating a logo, it is worth considering that it will be associated with the brand by consumers, which is why its creation, in most cases, should not be trusted by persons who do not know the history of its origin, as well as its advantages and future development.

It is much better to create a brand logo yourself, given that today there are various designers who take into account modern trends, and also do not require special skills from users when creating logos.

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