How to Dress Up Like Your Favorite Hollywood Celebrity

by Sarah Contreras

Besides talent and beauty, celebrities are also prized for their exemplary fashion statement that when it comes to style and class, our favourite stars like Kendall Jenner, Zendaya Coleman,  David Beckham, or Harry Styles would come to mind right away. With gifted outfits and wardrobe stylists, it is no wonder celebrities can step out and suit several occasions ‒ from super classy award’s nights to casual street style moments ‒ celebs always look as if there’s nothing short flawless.

Favorite Hollywood

Most of us, fans, would dream about resembling even a pinch of our favourite icon’s style. But not because they’re wearing signature clothes doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like a superstar. You don’t have to mirror the price tags of their wardrobes because there are a handful of affordable ways to accomplish a total celeb image.

Pamper like a celebrity.

Cameras are always there to follow celebrities no matter what the occasion is. And hence, part of being a star is pampering themselves in order to flaunt an admirable image for their avid fanatics. That’s why going to the gym, doing tons of skincare routine, and having regular hairstyle and treatment is what they mostly do in their free time. Now, it’s your turn to do what a celebrity would do to keep themselves pampered and well cared.

Keep your body fit by doing daily sets of exercises with a combination of healthy diet meal. Maintaining a healthy figure and good body posture does not only boost your confidence but also creates a perfect fit between your clothes and body. Another important step is to treat your skin like it’s your most adorn body part. Find the best products or injections and follow healthy skincare routine against sun exposure. For men, do proper shaving that includes exfoliation and moisturising to avoid skin damage and irritation. Visiting a cosmetic dentist to help correct teeth irregularities will also earn you celebrity points. Teeth matters as stars are expected to wear a pretty smile when facing the camera or the crowd.

Be bold with simple outfits.

What we really find amazing about celebrities is how they have their own trade of standing out even in super casual streetwear clothing. But the simple trick is to work on a correct body posture. Knowing how to stand tall (in a not-so-awkward way) can make your clothes hang better on you and then you start feeling better wearing them. Some celebs are fond of wearing trendy monochromatic jogger pants outfit for ordinary days but they do know how to pop the casualty by simply complimenting their simple outfits with the right handbag and other accessories.


Purchase quality clothes.

Wearing quality clothes always gives a pleasant impression on yourself. But be sure to invest in up-to-date pieces of wardrobe as celebrities usually dress up according to each season. Consider online dress shopping and don’t forget to look for great deals on designer fashion clothes if you really want to emulate a true celebrity’s style. You can also have your clothing tailored for you because most celebrities wear clothes that are hardly found by average consumers. Plus, wearing customised clothes also provides an exact fitting to your body, making you move freely and walk confidently like a famous star.

If you are going to a formal party but have a limited budget, you can try designer formal dress hire to look amazing. No need to buy formal wear. You can just hire them.

Wear cool sunglasses.

If there’s one common thing among celebrities, it is the art of wearing a gorgeous pair of shades as they candidly walk on the street or drop by a store. Doing the same thing gives you an elusive effect of hiding behind these sunglasses that makes you look like a famous celebrity.


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