How to Find the Best Tax Debt Relief Service

by James Martin

Shopping for the best tax debt relief service company is never a walk in the park because many options are available. The long list of these companies makes it a little hard to know which of them offers quality services and which ones don’t. However, if you take your time, you can weed out the scam artists. The biggest chore that will be involved is to weed out the average, then look for the best from the small list that is remaining with.

Here are the best tips that can help when shopping for the best tax debt relief service.

  1. What do they tell you about” Offer in Compromise”.

There are tax debt relief companies that make untenable promises and among the things that they promise is categorized as under offer in compromise. Any tax debt service provider that promises this should never be hired. It’s a pure scam, and can never help you at all. To qualify to Offer in Compromise, the tax that you owe should be very high when compared to the value of your assets.

  1. The license

Remember that it’s a person who holds a license who can stand before the IRS and negotiate your issue with them. It is never the person because there are unscrupulous salesmen who will tell you that what matters is the person and not the license. Know that CPAs or Enrolled agents can legally act as your Power of Attorney when dealing with the IRS.

  1. About interest and penalties

If a service provider tells you that interest and penalties will get stopped as soon as you hire them, should stop that conversation right there. Interest can never be stopped and will run for the entire duration when there is a balance that is due. If you don’t file or make a payment, suffer a penalty. So should never be lied to by anyone about this.

  1. The proposal –they shouldn’t be very fast!

A good company that pushes you to agree to a contract and pay them to start representing you is hiding something. No matter your situation, you should have some time to research about the company and the things which these service providers have told you about.

  1. Positive evidence

Look at the existence of multiple sources of positive evidence, and that is a clear sign that the company is doing great in helping people get the help that they deserve. Look at the number of cases handled, the positive reviews that are provided in third-party review sites such as the BBB or the Trust Pilot. This helps to give you a true picture of the expert that you are dealing with.


It takes caution, knowledge, and dedication to hiring the best tax debt relief service. With some little research, one can discover a pattern with some tax relief companies that look genuine, and those that look suspicious. With the proper information, you can choose the best.


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