How to Increase The Speed of An Electric Scooter By Removing Speed Limiter

by James Martin

Although the motor of your electric scooter is capable, most manufacturers will lock the speed of the e-scooter at 20-30MPH. Many riders, therefore, want to increase the speed of their electric scooter. While there’re many ways of increasing electric scooter speed, removing the speed limiter will be the best option.

Hence, we will show you how to increase speed of an electric scooter by removing speed limiter quickly and conveniently.

How to Increase Speed of An Electric Scooter By Removing Speed Limiter

You can either remove the speed limiter completely or increase the limit partially, depending on the e-scooter model. However, there’re other ways of increasing the speed of your e-scooter. If you want to know more tips and tricks about how to make an electric scooter faster, then click on this article.

Also, note that you will need legal permission to remove the speed limiter in some states in the US. So, check your state rules before proceeding.

Speed limiter removal process of Razor scooters:

Razor is the leading electric scooter brand. If you use one of their e-scooter, you can follow these steps to remove the speed limiter completely.

  • You will need to open the deck of the scooter first. For this, use a screwdriver and Allen wrench to remove the screw that holds the scooter’s deck.
  • When you have removed the deck, you will find a metal bracket inside holding the battery in its place. Remove it too.
  • When you inspect the battery, you should see speed connectors attached to it. These speed connectors will work to limit the scooter’s speed. Press the attached pin to take off the connectors one by one.
  • Remove the screws from the speed limiter so that you can remove and open it.
  • Inside it, you will find metal pieces. These metal pieces of the speed limiter are connected with the wires and slow down your scooter. You need to remove it to get rid of the speed limiter. At times, removing the metal piece might be difficult. You can wrap it with tapes to stop it from functioning.

This way, you can quickly remove the speed limiter of the Razor e-scooter.

Speed removal of E-Two and UScooters:

These days, the Booster version of E-Two and Uscooters are becoming increasingly popular. You can remove their speed limiter with a simple trick, and you won’t need to open its deck for this.

  • You need to turn on the display of the scooter firstly.
  • Carefully press and hold the electric scooter’s e-brake. It is connected with the handle. So, be aware of it.
  • You need to continue pressing it and also press the e-scooter Power Button at the same time. When you press its power button, you will see P1 on display.
  • Now, use the Light Button of the scooter to move to P3, aka, sports mode.
  • Now, press on the Set (S) mode and remove your hands from the electric bake.

This way, you can remove the speed limiter of these models.

Final Words

Removing the speed limiter of an electric scooter isn’t any complex job. It only takes a few minutes and allows you to increase the maximum capacity of your e-scooter. Plus, it boosts your riding comfort and makes it enjoyable.



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