How to increase your notoriety on Google?

by James Martin

How about talking about highly useful and recommended levers to increase your visibility on the web? The digital universe has become so vast and so competitive that it is now essential to find effective solutions to be well positioned following requests from a search engine such as Google. Appearing in the ideal of the first 3 pages is a convincing challenge to ensure an effective future web presence.

Improve your SEO on the web

Digital has changed behaviors and marketing has evolved a lot. It is no longer enough today to use traditional techniques to be sure of successfully promoting one’s activities. It is necessary to consider having a showcase or e-commerce site that is as complete as possible in terms of SEO functionalities (natural referencing).

A well-conducted webmarketing process is capable of developing a very prolific digital strategy over time. A good natural referencing from the efforts of an SEO company improves your brand image and consequently, turnover.

A number of tools are needed to boost this visibility.

We will talk later in the article about the good practice of the methods to be used to obtain this result.

But there is also SEA (Search Engine Advertising) or active paid referencing through Google Adwords (Facebook Ad and Instagram as a relay). The use of an extremely selective panel of keywords makes it possible to target as precisely as possible the population with which it is in your interest to make yourself known. You will only have to follow the configuration proposed by Google Ads according to the criteria of interest and demographics to design an advertisement presenting your company, for example. If you are a VSE or a micro-enterprise, it is advisable to prepare a sufficient and significant budget to hope to obtain immediate results.

Prepare your website well

Improve its visibility on Google by inserting subscription forms for newsletters for which you will take care of creating the content. Do not forget that the objective is to collect data in order to send qualitative information to your visitors challenged by what you do and who you are. Taking care of your home page can also be very unifying to attract a qualified audience. A clean site from a design point of view, simplicity and intuitive ergonomics will be all favorable elements for Google.


It will also be a question of registering relays (useful links) or backlinks on your website, real traffic accelerators when they refer to other sites very well positioned on Google. Such a link represents an obvious indicator of popularity considered as an honest criterion of merit. It can thus help to develop your web presence.


Also think about responsive design so as not to put off new visitors annoyed by the poor display on their mobile devices. The images and videos must be of very good resolution without overloading the site in order to allow practical and intuitive access.

Take advantage of the use of social networks and the blog

Boosting your notoriety on google involves activating your favorite social networks. The most famous: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or even Instagram and You Tube will be vectors for transmitting your great content because they provoke exchange and viral web diffusion through sharing. Communicating with your readership to benefit from their interesting and constructive feedback is an element highly appreciated by Google algorithms, which will instinctively favor the content concerned over its selection.


Before producing content that excites the public, it will be necessary to determine which are the most popular themes. Questioning by creating articles via a blog, prompting action by displaying interaction buttons, activating exchange and participation by participating in convivial discussions will all be stimulators that will direct visitors to your site. Google, by acquiring positive opinions, positions your referencing favorably thanks to sharing on social networks.

Create partnerships with bloggers or people convinced by your proposal

To make yourself known, you have to get in touch with bloggers or people who want to recommend you. Your prescribers will be audiences to be pampered in the sense that you will have to show them special attention. Whether through rewards or the exchange of good practices, creating partnerships can be a great springboard for visibility on Google. To make the process easy for you, just get in touch with the best SEO Services company in the USA.


Appearing on the sites and pages of prescribers is an expert and virtuous pledge for your service provided you know how to use the system well. Always think about directing the content towards the expectations and needs of your audiences so as not to risk damaging the reputation of both your partner and yours. Your documentary resource must reflect your know-how. As much your image will be valued, as much your notoriety will be distributed. A partner will take pleasure in talking about you through his multimedia communication if you give him the reasons to do so.


Rewarding and thanking him in your original way will guarantee you a long-term partnership as well as a good web presence driven by your recurring exchanges.

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