How to Know If Your Parents Would Be Happier Moving to an Assisted Living Community

by Carter Toni

In the case of some families, they never have to worry about what happens when an older member of the family is no longer confident or capableof living and running their own home.

However, if you currently find yourself in this emotionally conflicting situation, the best possible way to proceed is to keep an open line of dialogue and communication between you and your parents and to spend more time with them in their own home to properly assess the situation as tactfully as possible.

With this in mind, here is how to know whether your parents would be happier moving to an assisted living community.

They Have Recently Been Diagnosed with Onset Dementia

A dementia diagnosis can be incredibly traumatic and distressing not only for the individual but for their loved ones as well. If one of your parents has recently been diagnosed with dementia, it may well be best to start the conversation sooner rather than later.

Mesa memory care and similar prestigious and renowned living facilities provide a safe and secure place for older adults and seniors with memory-based illnesses such as dementia to live as independently as they wish, or indeed, can.

They Are Withdrawing from Social Interaction & Events

Another warning sign that one or both of your parents are perhaps not coping living in their own home as well as they may well be telling you they are is senior isolation, which basically means they are withdrawing from social events with friends and family.

Isolation in older adults and the elderly is a huge problem both here and abroad, and when senior people begin to isolate themselves, this can be absolutely devastating for their emotional health and well-being. Unhealthy habits that have suddenly crept into your parent’s day-to-day activities and the obvious signs of low mood and depression are both indicative of feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Their Home Is Becoming Increasingly Untidy

Although a chaotic and untidy home can often simply be the sign of a creative mind, there is obviously a huge difference between an untidy house and an unhygienic one, and it falls on your shoulders to ascertain which is which.

If pots and pans appear to be piling up in the kitchen sink, there are increasing levels of dust and debris on the windowsill, shelves, and carpets, and the fridge is full of expired products, this could be a sign that your parents would be happier and healthier in an assisted living community.

Their Hygiene Standards Have Slipped

Finally, if you have always known your parents to not even take the wheelie-bin out without proper clothes on, yet in recent weeks and even months, they seem not to bother washing and dressing, then this is another cause for concern.

Making a move to senior living facilities will make a world of difference to how they feel and, subsequently, how they treat themselves.

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