How to lose weight being a vegan – vegan products, foods, and more!

by Glenn Maxwell

Some people assume that a vegan diet is healthy for everyone. However, it is not always the case as vegan products can also be unhealthy, like animal-based foods. Processed foods like chips, cheeses, meats (vegan alternatives), etc., are always unhealthy irrespective of the source. But the advantage of consuming vegan products is that one can eat healthily more quickly than in the case of an omnivore diet. But it is not just about cutting out the unhealthy food items from one’s pantry. A lot more goes in if vegan wishes to lose weight. Here are some actionable tips to follow for the same.

  1. Low calories

Weight loss and calories are linked with a simple concept – burning more calories means losing weight. But it does not work that easily for everyone. Digesting food also needs energy, leading to the burning of calories. Also, weight loss is less about exercise and more about food and lifestyle. So, the key is to eat cautiously to avoid heavy workouts needed to burn the calories consumed via junk food.

A plant-based diet is also full of carbs which are easier to break down. So, it makes them more preferable than other diet components when losing weight.

  1. Meals full of fiber

Fiber does not have any calories but makes one feel full for longer. It is also not absorbed in the body as it is meant to help with bowel movements. Since fiber adds more mass or bulk to the diet, one consumes fewer calories. So, a fiber-rich diet helps reduce the daily calorie intake of people seeking weight loss. The vegan diet is full of fiber sources like grains, fruits, and more.

  1. Eating whole grains

It is suitable for overall health and not just for losing weight. Many people like white bread, but it is not the healthiest thing to eat. One should opt for whole-grain bread instead, and no added sugar and oil would be even great. However, these vegan products are not available everywhere, so picking any multigrain or whole-grain would do.

  1. Say no to oils

Oil is pure fat with fiber at all. So, these contain nearly all empty calories, making them a hurdle in a healthy weight loss journey. But the good thing is that replacing oils in food is more accessible than any other ingredients. One can saute vegetables in water or vegetable broth instead. Balsamic vinegar and tamari or soy sauce are great for deglazing the pan.

Packaged foods mostly have oils and fats, so removing these from the diet also decreases the fat intake. But, some healthy fats from sources like peanut, avocado, whole olives, and more. These are essential for body functions and other things like skin moisture.

  1. Timely meals

One should time their meals and space out their daily diet to get the most of the food they eat. Also, a large and nutrient-rich breakfast, medium to small lunch, and a light dinner is the way to eat healthily. For people trying to lose weight, consuming 70% of their daily calories before lunch is a great way to ensure their diet is aligned with their fitness goals.

This distribution works the best for vegan meals because the common meal ideas fit this system. Some examples are avocado toast for breakfast, pasta serving lunch, and salad for dinner. A bonus tip is to chew slowly rather than eat quickly like a heathen. It enables one to enjoy the meal and feel full quicker. For soups, one can sip slowly, one spoon at a time.

Besides these, meal prep is also a great way to eat healthy meals without trying hard. If someone has ready-to-eat home-cooked meals in the fridge, they are less likely to eat unhealthy and processed foods.

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