How to Maintain a Pest-Free Workplace

by Carter Toni

If you have a restaurant and clients are complaining of insects in the soup, you need to get on top of the problem before the health inspector gets a report and closes you down. Or if your office kitchen has flies buzzing around, you may have serious hygiene issues, which can lead to rat infestations. Below we look at why getting on top of any pest problems in the early stages is always the best course of action.

Signs of a Bigger Problem Looming

If you see ants on the floor, cockroaches in the kitchen, or rats running around, these will only cause bigger issues down the line. Even if you don’t see them, you may hear them in the air vents and ceilings. Little piles of rubble are a sure indication that you have a white ant crisis. These insects eat the building material itself and can cause your foundations to crumble.

Pests in the workplace can damage wiring and structures. Your employees are at risk of getting sick and your dining clients may end up with food poisoning. Whatever cued you in to a pest infestation, it is not an issue you can put on the back burner. The potential consequences are too high. Get hold of a Bristol Pest Controller who can provide a same-day service. It really is that critical.

You can prevent infestations of pests and the need for Bristol Pest Control by following some golden rules.

Maintain a Clean Environment in the Workplace

Make it a rule that, if someone spills something, even a drop, you wipe it up and disinfect the surface. Sugars are very attractive to pests, especially sticky substances. Take out the rubbish daily and keep it in a line of outdoor, fully sealed rubbish bins. If you work with food or people are eating in the office, there is bound to be spillage and food remains left behind.

Your Pest Controller Bristol will highlight the absolute importance of a clean environment. This means having a cleaning person employed full-time or making use of a trustworthy cleaning company. Floors and surfaces in frequently used areas must be wiped down or washed daily. Understand what different pests are attracted to in the workplace and signs of their activity. Get advice from Expert Bristol Pest Control on how to minimise this as a source of pests. Advance Pest Control Bristol is available for infestations in your workplace and offer a same-day service.

Store Food Correctly

Until food is finished, keep it in a sealed container in the fridge. So, if you don’t finish a snack halfway through the morning and want to keep the rest for the afternoon, lock it up tight so that no insects are attracted by smells, and in a cool place to prevent decay.

The moment you finish eating, wash your lunchbox, any other containers, plates, cups, and cutlery. Wipe down surfaces and make sure that you have picked up any crumbs. Remember to rinse out the cleaning cloth or it will continue to attract pests. Replace cloths frequently.

Don’t store items like fruit in a desk drawer where it will decay rapidly and serve as a source of attraction to all manner of bugs. While pest control in Bristol will eradicate pests, you need to make sure that you do not have further outbreaks from bad habits and a lack of cleanliness in the workplace.

Pests are to be dealt with promptly and preferably avoided in the workplace.

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