How to Make the Most of Your NetSuite Business Integration?

by James Martin


If you are a business owner and wondering what the best ERP system your business should adopt, NetSuite could be your best bet. NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed to help your business in ensuring efficiency and growth.

NetSuite helps in running the daily operations of your business, assessing the performance of the business, and improving the efficiency and cost-saving capabilities of the business. NetSuite consists of a number of applications for the management of your business’s core functions, including procurement, human resource management, accounting, sales, finance, and customer services among others.

While NetSuite supports numerous applications from the various departments of your business, all the data is stored in a central database, and this central database only allows authorized users to easily access the needed information about the business in real time.

By accessing the necessary information that they need, the employees get a full view of the different processes and departments, which enables them to make data-driven decisions. So, how can you best utilize your NetSuite business integration?

1. Know The Specific Needs Of Your Business

Since NetSuite has so many applications and capabilities, a business needs to find those that best serve its own interests or those that help the business in realizing its goals and objectives. In order to get the most out of NetSuite, you will need to clearly define your business and the various processes involved in service delivery.

NetSuite is scalable in that it allows you to only select those applications that will be helpful to your business at a given time, and then you can add other functions in the future when required. Since you are charged on a subscription basis, you should choose those services that are necessary for the growth and management of your business at that particular time and later upgrade or scale up as your business grows.

The scalability of NetSuite will help you to minimize any unnecessary costs while at the same time enjoying maximum benefits.

2. Train your Employees

While NetSuite comprises several applications for managing the core functions of your business, it is usually necessary for you to integrate other applications with NetSuite for maximum benefits.

Different businesses have unique needs and requirements, which makes it important to consider the specific types of applications that your business requires. You may need to integrate such functions as employee records, invoices, payroll records, orders, human resources, and other functions needed to run the business smoothly.

To ensure that the business is getting the most out of NetSuite, you should have the employees trained on how to use the platform, how to customize the platform, and how to integrate the various applications for enhanced performance.

You may hire a NetSuite consultant to teach your employees about the best way to utilize NetSuite’s wide range of capabilities to meet the specific needs of your business.

3. Make Data-Driven Decisions

Lastly, NetSuite offers a full view of the processes and departments within your business, and this information should be used to enhance efficiency and productivity. You should utilize the vast amounts of data provided by NetSuite to decide which areas require improvement and which ones should be eliminated or replaced.


















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